Happy Tuesday!!

I’m super excited!!! I’ve got a new video for this week AND Miss Nina’s Move & Groove officially starts this week!!!

Doors were supposed to close yesterday, October 1st ….but I’m keeping them open just two more days for those of you who like to wait to the last minute. 🙂

I hope you’ll join us – it’s incredible value for just $17/month!

A weekly, truly interactive online sing-along with moi! 🙂 Using Zoom, I get to see and talk to your kids, and they can see and talk to me (and so can you!).

One live sing-along every week designed around early childhood themes and concepts AND I provide you with links to accompanying activities – crafts, stories, sensory activities and snack recipes – that all support the very themes and concepts we sing and move about.

YOU get 30 minutes a week where I’ll engage your kiddo so you can maybe get something else done…??!!

And you can feel good (aka GUILT FREE!!) putting them in front of the screen because you know that they’ll be actively engaged with other human beings and not just passively watching cartoons.

Oh oh oh! I really hope you’ll join us – I’m having so much fun already! 

Go to this link tinyurl.com/yc48gwx3 and put in your name and email address 

You’ll receive your 10 Ways To Play Bundle and you’ll be taken to the info & sign-up page for Move & Groove!

Feel free to ask me any questions. But remember – the clock is ticking and the doors are closing on Wednesday! And when the doors re-open it will be at a higher price point….


Ok – and this just in: If you’re in Minneapolis, I’ve got my first public performance in the area!

Come and catch me this Wednesday at Midtown Global Market’s Wee Wednesday. 

Wednesday, October 3rd
10:30 Miss Nina Solo performance
Midtown Global Market’s Wee Wednesday
920 E. Lake Street – Minneapolis, MN

I’m looking forward to making new friends!! See you there….


And now – I’ve got a new video for you! An Autumn approach to the Traditional children’s song Five Little Chickadees. I searched high and low for some chickadee finger puppets… and then realized I was probably looking for them in the wrong season. And then my eyes landed upon some owl finger puppets – and voila! – we have ourselves Four Little Owls instead (they only had four owl puppets at the store – LOL!).

I’m not sure why Owls are often considered very Autumnal, but I’m going with it. : )   An with finger puppets, numbers and subtraction –  you can’t go wrong. 🙂 I hope your little ones enjoy this!

Wishing you a wonderful week! Hopefully I’ll see you online or in person very soon!


Miss Nina

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