This week’s Miss Nina video is one of preschool kids favorite songs: 5 Little Ducks!

This song is simple and fun – while also being chock full of benefits for young children: fine motor skills development, subtraction, rhythm, rhyme and repetition for speech development, empathy and emotion identification.. and of course, a lovely calming melody.



Need more number songs with a summer time feel? Here’s more!

5 Green & Speckled Frogs:



5 Little Monkeys Swinging from a Tree:




And of course – there’s our Very Hungry Caterpillar Counting Song:



The first three videos all focus similarly on subtraction – starting with the number five and taking away one –¬† in a variety of ways! And then the VHC song is focuses in on addition – more and more and the caterpillar getting bigger and bigger.

Adding music and movement to learning is my passion. It provides a way for the little ones to EXPERIENCE what they are learning  Рwhile developing physical skills and brain function Рand therefore they are more likely to RETAIN what they are learning.

Meanwhile – they are just having a whole lot fun. <3

Enjoy! I’ll see you next Tuesday with a new video and post.


Miss Nina

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