Today is Piper’s Birthday! That means that five years ago today, I became a Mommy.

There is so much to say. Motherhood is simultaneously the most challenging and most wonderful experience of my life.

It shines the light on who I truly am, who I need to become, my weaknesses and my strengths like nothing else. Amright?

And today feels like a special part of the journey because she’s crossing over that threshold, that 0 to 5 age bracket.  I feel excited and scared for what’s ahead, to be honest, because 0 to 5 is my thing – my place of expertise! I was doing this BEFORE I became a mommy.

And now – she’s moving into the next big phase. She’s starting to read, she dabbles in math and loves to ask us how to write and spell things. She loves gymnastics and dance class, and loves drawing and making crafts. She’s suddenly very into all the Barbie “movies” on Netflix as well as “Annie” the musical. She loves to talk and hang out with adults, is super into clothes and loves anything sparkly.

I love this girl so much – and she has a sweetness to her, that comes through, even when she’s throwing a fit. I suppose that will be one of my parenting challenges – to teach and model how to remain kind, loving and open in a world that sometimes feels like the opposite.

This parenting thing can be so overwhelming, can’t it?!! I”m having so many feelings today and I just wanted to share it all with you to say, yep – I’m right there with you navigating the road of motherhood one day at a time.

We had Piper’s birthday party this weekend, and today I’ll be visiting her classroom with cupcakes and to read a story – so all these preparations have taken most of my focus in this last seek. So rather than a new video today, I’ve got a “rerun”  that happens to be one of Piper’s favorite Miss Nina videos to share with you:

When I’ve been away on a trip, her and my husband watch this one on repeat – because of the blooper at the end. So yes sure and keep watching, even when you think it’s over!

Thanks for reading this today and sharing in this reflection. I hope your little ones enjoy this video – and that it helps you in your parenting journey in some way today.


Miss Nina