Happy Tuesday!

I’m feeling pretty excited about today and this whole week! I’ve got a Library Show out here in MN today and one tomorrow, so if you’re around be sure and come out for one or both of these – I’d LOVE to see you and your kiddos:

Tuesday, July 23rd
Wescott Library
10:30 am Miss Nina
Eagan, MN

Wednesday, July 24th
Lake Elmo Library
3pm Miss Nina
Lake Elmo, MN

And TWO MORE SHOWS NEXT WEEK, too!! Check the calendar page for locations and times……

For your video watching pleasure this week I’ve made a BRAND NEW VIDEO COMPILATION! It’s 55+ Minutes of NON-STOP, back-to-back Special Guest videos! YES!

Last year I had so much fun at YouTube Studios in NYC and at WXPN in Philadelphia during KindieComm, getting my friends together from all of the Kids Music World (and I mean ALL OVER!) to come on The Miss Nina Weekly Video Show and sing-along with me. I’ve had the honor of singing and playing with all of these extraordinarily talented and incredible humans – some of whom are also GRAMMY award winners, JUNO nominees!

For some of you summer is wrapping up, and for others of us, we’ve still got a good 5 weeks or so left! Hopefully this video compilation will help to keep your kiddos engaged – mind and body – during that car or plane ride or while you’re trying to some things done at home. You can feel secure knowing that they are in good hands with me and my friends!

Here’s the full list of songs & guests:

1. Happy & You Know It with GRAMMY winner Tim Kubart
2. Jazz MacDonald with GRAMMY winner Lucy Kalantari
3. Blue Fin with Suzi Shelton
4. Hole In The Bucket with Joanie Leeds
5. I Love The Music with Amelia Robinson
6. This Little Baby of Mine with Vered
7. Ga-Lumph!, I’m A Little Teapot & Open Shut them with Lah-Lah & Buzz
8. Skinnamarink with JUNO nominated Sonshine & Broccoli
9. Mama Don’t Allow with Laura Doherty and Matt Heaton
10. Its Bitsy Spider with The Green Orbs & Rockin’ Red
11. Muscle & Bone with Katherine Dines
12. This Land Is your Land with Marsha Goodman-Wood & Yosi Levin
13. Nursery Rhyme Rock Medley with Marky Monday
14. ABCs (Sing & Sign) with Margot Bevington
15. You Are My Sunshine with Vivi Melody & Annie Lynn


Let me know in the comments what your child/ren’s favorite video in the compilation is – I’d love to know! And if you know anyone else who might enjoy this or find it useful in their life – please SHARE IT! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email – however you like to share. 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful week!


Miss Nina


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