Good Morning & Happy Tuesday!!

I’m back from a really exciting and energizing first week of summer tour! I had the wonderful opportunity to perform Rap, Rock & Read at eight Delaware libraries last week with a ninth show at the Freeman Stage in Selbyvilled, DE. I performed the morning show, and Bruce Hornsby was there that night!!! (Our paths did not cross at all, however – LOL!) I”ll post some photos on Facebook later today – but here’s a sneak peak of the fun:

We’re in the final stages of moving our of our house next week, then I take a few days of vacation before I head back to Delaware for seven more libraries! And then eight libraries in Cape May, NJ at the end of the month! Be sure and check out my calendar page for the details:

And now – I’m super excited for this week’s video! Ever since we made it together in April I thought how perfect it would be as our video for the week leading up to the 4th of July holiday I the USA.

I am so lucky to be joined by the ever-popular Yosi (who just completed 6 sold out shows at the Smithsonian Discovery Theater!) and Marsha Goodman-Wood of Marsha and the Positrons who makes learning about science and how the world works all the more fun through music. Because both are incredible musicians and seasoned performers we had such an easy time making this video. We got it in one take!

And what’s fun is they taught me some motions to go along with the song. We teach them at the beginning of the video so your little one(s) (and you!) can join in with us:

For more on Yosi please visit:

For more on Marsha please visit:

Before we wrap up a note for my fans of the Snuggle Puppy video:

You may have noticed that out fo the blue, the Snuggle Puppy video was taken down. I’m so sad about it! Last week I woke up to a note from YouTube that Sandra Boynton had made a copyright claim against that video and they had to take it down (which is 100% within her right! When I made that video YouTube was a bit of different animal…) . While on tour I was not able to write to her – but I’m planning to write and tell her about how many of you enjoy that video and how it’s a part of your life and routine (I’ve heard from several of you already!)

Feel free to write her as well – she’s pretty active on Facebook. If you do, please be kind. She’s only aiming to protect her work, art and livelihood and I fully understand and respect that. But perhaps if she realizes that my video was only an effort to bring joy to children and not an effort to capitalize on her work she will help to re-instate the video. We’ll see….

Enjoy your week! And if you’re in the USA, have a happy July 4th holiday!


Miss Nina


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