Happy Tuesday everyone!

Just a quick reminder before we get to today’s video – I’ll be performing in DELAWARE TOMORROW! That’s right, Wednesday, January 17th at 11 am come and Rap, Rock & Read with me at the Corbitt-Calloway Library in Odessa, Delaware (address over on my calendar page). Looking so forward to seeing everyone!

So – how’s the New Year treating you so far? We had quite a week last week. If you’ve been keeping up with me on Facebook or Instagram you may know that I dropped my phone in the toilet. The drama of that little accident soon paled in comparison to the leak in our ceiling, the flood in our den, and the broken sump-pump pipe shooting water from the front of our house. Yeah – it was a lot for one week (never mind one year! #amirght?)

But here’s what I’ve learned and have been trying to practice in the past couple of years in particular – Life is gonna do it’s thing, and a lot is out of my control. But what IS in my control is my attitude, how I choose to feel, and what I choose to put in the world.

I bring all this up because I have a friend and fellow music and joy creator, Amelia Robinson, and over the past couple of years I’ve watched her in her own version of this philosophy an activity. (You may remember Amelia from a video we did together in 2014 of her song “You Have My Heart”)

When the world was feeling pretty crappy to her, Amelia grabbed hold of her natural gifts and just started making and sharing music. On Facebook, on Instagram, on Youtube, in person, in live shows, in cars, in songwriting circles…. she just got to making music whenever and wherever she could.

She even started a new collaborative songwriting web series with kids called “Musical Playdates” that bring joy to all who watch and show just how well human expression and music always alchemize into something wonderful.

So – of course, I had to have Amelia back on the Miss Nina Weekly Video Show! Together we recorded her song “I Love The Music” from her NEW ALBUM, Ridiculous Nonsense, that is out RIGHT NOW! And guess what – I got to do a musical playdate with HER! So keep an eye out because our musical playdate will be airing soon on her youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/MilsTrills

Sooo…..join us in this fun sing-along and move-along song!! You’re gonna love it – and I already know that you love the music, too! 🙂

To download Amelia’s new album AND THIS SONG – head on over to www.MilsTrills.com!

And be sure and check out the Musical Playdates’s over on the Mils Trills YouTube Channel! 

Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Tuesday!


Miss Nina