Hello my friends!

I’m writing to you from Florida today. November 13th happens to be my birthday, and I’ve attending a Mindset Retreat as a way of celebrating as well as setting myself up for a great year ahead.

I’m already inspired and can’t wait to see what fun things I come up with to share with you this year!!

As you know, though, I believe in not waiting 364 years to truly enjoy a day – but rather, I believe in living like Every Day’s Your Birthday!

So today I’m sharing a little performance video montage/music video of the title song from my album Every Day’s Your Birthday!

And I also just want to take a moment to express my gratitude for you. Thank YOU for being in my Life – for all your love and positive feedback, for your viewership, for sharing your Tuesday mornings with me, and for singing and dancing with me all year long!  I get to do what I do because of YOU!

Enjoy the video and have a great week!