Hello there!

Although I was aiming to find a Spring Themed song for today – I came across this one and remembered how much I love it! Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall – it’s always a fun song to sing: “Biscuits in the oven, gonna watch ’em riiiiiiise!” I imagine the person who wrote this song, in the kitchen, ย and upon smelling those biscuits in the oven just started singing this little tune.

I’ve done the additional verses that are in the songbook I learned this from, Rise Up Singing,ย and even added my own verse!

So, if you’re ready to sing & dance, join me here:

Singing & Dancing are always a great way to pass the time, whether you’re waiting for biscuits to rise in the oven or waiting for a parent to arrive home from work – sing a song and move your feet! And maybe even make up YOUR own verse to this song?! If you do – let me know about it. Share in the comments! And if you get a photo or video of your kids moving and singing along to the video – I’d love to see that too! Here or over on on my Facebook Page!

Enjoy your week and I look forward to seeing you soon!