Episodes of the Miss Nina weekly video show!

On this blog you’ll also be treated to exclusive commentary from miss nina on how to incoroporate these songs and activities into your home, classroom, story time and life:

New Children’s Book Song! The Mitten by Jan Brett

Good morning & Happy Tuesday! Oh my goodness - I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS WEEK’S VIDEO!!! I have love the story The Mitten by Jan Brett for ages. I have used it in Drama Classes, at Birthday parties in preschool classes and at home with Piper. It is such a fun...

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The Snow-key Pokey! Preschool Winter Fun!

Hello friends - Happy Tuesday! We woke up to a little more snow yesterday morning - and that’s just the way it’s gonna be here in Minnesota for a little while! I miss the Caribbean, and I can barely wait until Spring. But, you know what they say, the key to happiness...

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