Episodes of the Miss Nina weekly video show!

On this blog you’ll also be treated to exclusive commentary from miss nina on how to incoroporate these songs and activities into your home, classroom, story time and life:

Tim Kubart & Miss Nina! Happy & You Know It

Happy Tuesday & Happy Holidays! I'm so excited about this week's video - AND I have a big announcement for you following it.... Christmas came early for me this year when today's guest said "yes" to being on the Miss Nina Weekly Video Show! You may know him from...

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Spin with Joanie & Nina! A Chanukah Song & Video

Happy Tuesday & Happy Holidays! The holiday season is really in full swing, huh? This past weekend I performed at two events and attended three others!! We were BUSY - but it was so much fun. AND at the school where I teach we're already in the midst of our...

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New Video & Song with Suzi Shelton!!

Last week I mentioned that I was heading into the YouTubes Space in NYC to shoot some videos. It was a fantastic day and I shot a whole slew of new videos with my fellow friends and Kids Music Artists!  I can hardly wait to share all the fun with you! So, on Saturday,...

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YouTube & A Chanukah Song

Happy Tuesday! I'm super excited for today. I am heading back to the YouTube New York Space to film a whole slew of new videos for you - with some fellow Kids Music friends, too! If you want a glimpse behind-the-scenes of our big video shoot be sure and keep up with...

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We are mere days away from the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the USA. This week leading up to Thanksgiving is always fun - a short school/work week, lots of in school celebrations, the excitement builds about seeing family and friends, and all around it starts to feel...

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