In the middle of summer, you can’t go wrong with a sing-along song about water, sea creatures and bubbles popping – amiright?

This one is the same melody as Hurry, Hurry Start the Firetruck or One little, two little, three little Candles/Indians/fill-in-the-blank…  Something about the repetition of the word bubble and the hand clap  (“bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, POP!) makes this melody brand new again. 🙂

A mom in my private musical playgroup here in NJ had mentioned this one to me (thank you, Naomi!). And then I also found version of this on the Jbrary YouTube Channel as well as the Champaign Library YouTube Channel. Definitely check those out for even more sing-along, move-along songs!

So, let’s get to it, huh?! Grab the little one(s) in your life and have some fun with me! Although most versions stick to fish, I add in some of our favorite sea creatures as well…. 🙂 Check it out:


If you get any photos of your child/ren moving and singing along, I’d love to see them! You can comment on this page or over on my Facebook page: .

Have a great week and I’ll see you next time!


Miss Nina