Jackie, James and Elizabeth Heine, this one is for you! Recently requested via email by them, I had no idea that this song even existed. Once I started searching for it I learned just what a popular children’s song it is! Wow! I thought I’d done ’em all. 🙂

This is a nice alternative to Where Is Thumbkin, and as I mention in the video, a great opportunity to combine some arts and crafts with music.  I simply went to this page: http://tinyurl.com/o8a7khk and downloaded and printed their finger family sheet.  Easy to color and then tape right to my fingers! If you’re looking for more of an activity then just coloring, you can get an old glove, some pom-poms, google eyes, yarn etc. and go to down making a full hand puppet of a family.  Or anything else you might think of!

And then, get ready to join me in the song.  It’s very simple to learn and quite short – so we do it twice!

Even without any kind of hand decorating, it’s a fun song to sing and play along with.  Enjoy and I’ll see you next time!