I’m back in business!

Data recovered, hard drive installed, ability to shoot new video content. AND a new banner for the Miss Nina YouTube Page:

CG_MissNina_Bannerv3 aa

And not only do I have a new video for you – it’s a NEW SONG! A Miss Nina original written in honor of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday (March 2nd). Get ready to dance with me to “Dr. Seuss, You Silly Goose”:


AND – the new website is almost done!!! Really, really, really! I’m very excited to share it with you soon.

I’m keeping this post short and simple today and just in so much gratitude that everything has worked out.

Enjoy the video and be sure and share it with your friends, your kids’ teachers, your librarians – anyone you think who might enjoy some an original song about Dr. Seuss.

I’d love to hear what you/your kids think! Leave a comment below and let me know….

Have a wonderful, wonderful week!


Miss Nina