Happy Tuesday!

Oh my goodness – I LOVE OCTOBER!! I mean, when its cloudy and grey, maybe not so much. LOL! But when the sky is that clear blue that it can get this time of year, the leaves are turning and there are beautiful fall colors all around, and I start craving cinnamon on everything – I. JUST. LOVE. IT!

Of course – I’m super excited, too, because I get to travel at the end of the month to my beloved NYC! Here’s just a quick reminder where and when you can come and sing and dance with me in a few weeks:

Saturday, October 26th
Metropolitan Museum of Art – World Culture Festival 12- 5 pm
1 & 2 pm Miss Nina Story Time Performance
1000 Fifth Avenue – NY, NY
More Info HERE

So anyhow – back to celebrating October! It’s that fun time of year for visits to the orchards for apple and/or pumpkin picking. Halloween decorations begin to pop up…. and then, of course, Thanksgiving will be around the corner from that!

So to support you in all things Fall – whether you’re looking for a song for your curriculum, to sing on your way to the orchard, or to just get your kids moving and singing about Autumn to experience it on every level – I’ve got you covered!

This week I’ve got a video compilation for you of 25+ minutes (really, like, 26 minutes and 37 seconds – LOL!) of back-to-back, non-stop Miss Nina episodes of all Fall Songs! Here’s the full list:

1. Apples & Bananas
2. Way Up High In The Apple Tree
3. Apple Picking Song/Apple Pickers Reel
4. Grey Squirrel
5. Farmer Brown Had 5 Green Apples
6. Pumpkin Chant
7. 4 Little Owls
8. 3 Little Witches
9. 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting On A Gate
10. The Monsters Stomp Around The House
11. Mr. Turkey & Mr. Duck
12. 5 Little Pumpkins by Miss Nina: OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

So click play to start the fun!

And let me know which one is your favorite in the commnents!

And then, I’ve got another new Fall video on it’s way to you next week…..

Until then, enjoy your week and all the Autumn goodness!


Miss Nina

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