You would not believe how excited I was when I received a message in my inbox from Lah-Lah! She and her whole band (Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band) are HUGE in Australia and after connecting online, we were able to connect face to face at Kindiecomm back in April! KindieComm is a bi-annual conference for independent Kids music makers where we mix, mingle, attend seminars, and perform for each other.

I had the great fortune of recording NINE episodes of the Miss Nina Weekly Video Show while I was there (Last week I shared the first one…) and each and every single one is so wonderful and I’m so excited to introduce you.

Your little ones are going to love this video – not just because Lah-Lah and Buzz are incredibly talented and engaging performers, but because we sing a medley of three favorite kids songs in this video. We sing Ga-Lumph (some of us know it as Ba-Rump), I’m a Little Teapot and Open, Shut Them. We’ll engage your little ones mind and body for about 3.5 minutes – and you perhaps sit an sip your coffee for a moment. ; )

To fill you in on them a bit more: Lah-Lah introduces children and their families to the wonderful world of music and musical instruments. Through award winning Live shows and/or their top rating TV shows, you’ll meet Mister Saxophone, Squeezy Sneezy the piano accordion, Tom Tom on drums, Buzz the Bandleader, Lola the Dancing Double Bass and the ever loveable Lah-Lah! Be sure and check out and SUBSCRIBE to their youTube Channel after watching this video ( Are now….this week’s video!

I’d love to hear if your children enjoy this one. Please leave a comment below or over on my Facebook Page letting me know if they moved along with us. And also – if you’re on Instagram be sure and find be there as @missninastone. I might start posting a bit of my daily, behind-the-scenes life over there as we’ve got some big changes on their way….

Thanks so much for watching and please feel free to share this video with friends, relatives and anyone with little children who might enjoy it.

Have a great week and see you next Tuesday!


Miss Nina