Well hi there!

Happy Tuesday and Happy December!

So here we are, heading toward the holidays. I’m always in a conundrum this first week of December because I’m excited to start looking toward Christmas & Chanukah & Kwanza & New Years…… but I also fee like it’s still a touch early to launch into Christmas Carols – know what I mean?

So, I’ve found a happy medium for us this week. Gingerbread men!! Gingerbread men, houses and cookies are certainly holiday related, but we’re not, like, totally going there yet. Right?

This video is an easy to follow action rhyme I found on the internet (original author unknown) about baking some Gingerbread Men and it goes like this:

Stir a bowl of gingerbread, smooth and spicy brown.
Roll it with the rolling pin up and down
Take a cookie cutter and make some little men
Put them in the oven ’til half past ten!

We say and do it three times in the video – check it out:


And of course, from there you can incorporate all sorts of activities to go along with this rhyme: reading the Gingerbread Man, reading the Ninja Bread Man (a delightful Ninja take on the old classic!), baking your own cookies or making gingerbread houses, a game of tag, making gingerbread cookie crafts out of cardboard….and on and on and on!

And then, onto some Christmas Carols and Chanukah songs next week!

I hope you enjoy this week’s video (feel free to say hi in the comments!) and please share it with anyone you think will find it useful!

Wishing you a wonderful week!


Miss Nina

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