We are mere days away from the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the USA. This week leading up to Thanksgiving is always fun – a short school/work week, lots of in school celebrations, the excitement builds about seeing family and friends, and all around it starts to feel like “The Holidays”.

And of course, it’s a great time of year to give Thanks and focus on what we’re grateful for. That’s something I try to practice daily – but LOVE doing it even more in November. And you know what? Practicing Gratitude – making Gratitude lists or talking about what I’m grateful for with my family – is also a tool I use to turn a bad mood around when I’m in one. And it’s how I wrote the song in today’s video: Grateful.

This song is from my 2013 album Sha Doo Be Doop. I wrote it, and the great Kevin Salem really brought it to life in a beautiful way by arranging it, and playing Mandolin (not to mention producing the whole album!)

I”ve been meaning to make a video for this song – and Official Music Video – for years! And at last, I am so grateful that it is complete and I can share it with you today. So here it is, my original song just in time for Thanksgiving: Grateful.

Enjoy your holiday!


Miss Nina