Good morning friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your week is off to a great start!

Because I’m SO EXCITED about it, I’ll just mention again that I’ll be performing in NYC on October 26th as part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s World Culture Festival! The theme is Dance and I’m cannot wait!! Here’s the details:

Saturday, October 26th 
Metropolitan Museum of Art – World Culture Festival 12- 5 pm 
1 & 2 pm Miss Nina Story Time Performance 
1000 Fifth Avenue – NY, NY
More Info HERE


And now – some more Fall Fun for you this week! I’m sure your children – whether at home or at school – are way into discussing Fall right now. Perhaps you’ve got a trip to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch scheduled? Or you’ve been busy raking leaves and making leaf etchings? There are so many fun Fall activities to do and songs to sing. Using music and movement in relation to the world around us – the seasons, the weather, our experiences – are another way for little ones to integrate their experience. The very young ones are learning what things are, what “happens” in each season, and learning basic things, naming them and saying those names.

Our “older” preschoolers are developing their fine motor skills with crafts, and developing their thinking skills by observing the world around them, asking questions and playing make believe.

So today? Well, today we will sing and move like little grey squirrels! This song is super cute and easy to learn. We put up our paws like we are little grey squirrels, and we get to “swish” our “bushy tails”, wrinkle up our noses and pretend to crack a nut between or toes. In this video I explain it a little bit first and then we do it three times in full.

You can do it sitting or standing! It’s also a great song to use after a bigger activity (like, maybe dancing around the room to the Apple Picking song from last week?), to gather attention and energy and get everyone focused again.

Enjoy!! I would LOVE If you share this video, blog post and/or email with anyone you think might find it useful! And you know what else I would love? If you capture the little ones in your life doing this song on video and would like to share it on my Facebook Page I’d LOVE To see that!

Wishing you a wonderful week – I’ll see you next Tuesday in your inbox!


Miss Nina


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