HI there –

Well, it’s a pretty intense time, isn’t it?

How are you doing?

Where we are, schools are closed, gyms are closed, essentially all public places like theaters and museums and anywhere that people could gather are closed in the effort to decrease the spread of Covoid-19.

So, my aim is to help you and yours while you are home and inside.

I do have a brand new  video for you this week. I’ve taken my song, “Wash Our Hands” and made a video of me actually washing my hands as I sing it! The song itself is a little over 30 seconds insuring your little one washes their hand for the exact right  amount of time (and then some)! You can check it out here:

Feel free to share the video. You can copy and past this link to do so:


So, that’s to help with keeping our hands clean. Now to the business of getting through our days with little ones at home!

I am offering free, online daily sing-alongs over on my Facebook Page & My Youtube Channel at 11:30 am Eastern / 10:30 am Central / 8:30 am Pacific to join us!

Click either on of these links to join the live sing-alongs are:


Piper was with me yesterday and will probably join me today, too!


 if you are looking for more musical & educational online fun, my friend Amelia of Mil’s Trill’s has compiled this list of 40+ musicians and their online offerings during this time. Click the photo below to go to to the link and feel free to share!

My friends, take care of yourself as best as you can during this time when you’re at home. Be sure and take the necessary time for yourself to “fill up your own tank”. Meditate, pray, workout, take baths – whatever your thing is that helps you feel your best, please take the time to do it each day so that you don’t get completely depleted while taking care of everyone else!

And I’m all ears! If you have thoughts, suggestions, requests to how I can help you during this time please let me know. If you’d like an afternoon sing-along instead of morning, or if you’d love craft ideas, or just resources on where to find things, I’m happy to help. Let me know!

Stay safe and healthy! And I’ll “see” you online later this morning!


Miss Nina

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