Well hey there – Happy New Year!

I took last week off from my weekly blog/email/video post so that I could fully chill out over my holiday break in GA with my family and my in-laws. We had such a lovely time and I am back, refreshed and looking forward to a very fun 2018! I hope you are, too!

As you may have heard from me on Facebook or Instagram, we’re getting ready to start the new session of the Miss Nina Online Playschool on January 22nd. All this week, 3 pm (EST) each day, I’m doing a LIVE video on YouTube giving everyone a taste of what the Online Playschool content, format and schedule is like. 

Our theme is Winter, and the concepts we’re focusing on are: In & Out. We will be exploring that them and concepts through Art, Story, a Sensory Activity, Songs/movement and…Snack!

Yesterday (Monday) was our fist day and we made paper bag puppets together! Exploring in and out by putting our hands in and out of our puppet – and we had the option to make our puppet a “Winter” puppet. BUT – it’s most beneficial to let the children make whatever kind of puppet they like – so grab a paper lunch bag, some crayons or makers, and perhaps some glue and pom-poms or construction paper or yarn or whatever you have around and join me:

And I’ll be back online LIVE today (Tuesday) at 3 pm EST to read the little ones a story related to our theme and concepts (“The Mitten” by Jan Brett). So be sure and join me HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKhEQtEtmSY

Right below I’ll post the schedule of the whole week as well as the supplies you may want to have on hand to join us.  And of course, if you already know that you want to join us for Online Playschool, you can go right here to sign up: http://mymissnina.com/online-play-school/ 

Enjoy the video and have a wonderful week! And I hope to “see” you online this week!


Monday January 8th: Craft Video
Tuesday January 9th: Story Time Video
Wednesday January 10th: Sensory Activity Video
Thursday January 11th Sing-Along video
Friday January 12th: Snack recipe, Q&A and more!


Paper lunch bag (brown or white)
Markers or crayons
Glue stick or school glue
Any of the following – ALL ARE OPTIONAL:
Construction paper (cut in shapes)
Foam shapes
Pipe cleaners
Google eyes

No supplies needed

Cotton Balls
Tongs or spoons (or both!)

No supplies needed

3 slices of banana
5 mini chocolate chips or raisins
1 pretzel stick
1 baby carrot
1 strawberry, sliced into quarters