Hi there!

Just a reminder before you watch today’s video that there will be TWO ONLINE LIVE MISS NINA SING-ALONGS TODAY February 14th!!! One at 10 am EST and one at 4 pm EST!

Where? On my Facebook page! It’s totally free to join. Just click below close to start time and you’ll see me there right on time:


This is just my way of saying thank you for your support and love and….I love you! 🙂

And speaking of Valentine’s Day – today I’ve got a fun, short little rhyme ad finger play about a heart:


You’ll notice in the video that I’m a little hoarse and have a cold, so that’s why I kept it short and sweet today – and no singing. Gotta rest my voice for our sing-alongs on Tuesday!!

If your children get the hang of making this heart with their hands, take a picture and come on over to my facebook page and post about it!

Looking forward to seeing you online very soon….


Miss Nina