HI there! I’ve got a fun, brand new video for this week. But before I get to it I’ve got to let you know that the Fall Session of Online Playschool is about to start!! I AM SO PSYCHED!

We just had a rockin’ one week Demo of Playschool last week, and listen to what Cheryl has to say about it:

It’s been fun connecting the theme with other families participating the same week, at our own pace. Having theme books and music selected is a wonderful time saver. The varied crafts and sensory suggestions you offered gave me options that work best for our family. Having them at our finger tips was so helpful. Thank you for carefully planning activities structured around the key toddler developmental areas that build confidence and a feeling of success. The anticipation for checking in to see what is coming next was a lot of fun! Thanks leaving a song in our heart and a smile on our face this week!

Wow! This is why I wanted to create this Online Play School – not only to reach and connect with the children and enrich their lives, but to help the adults! I want to

  • Save You Time
  • help you organize
  • Give you some relief from guilt
  • Give you some Parental/Teacher freedom
  • enrich your relationship with your child/ren

And for the kids: activities that encourage…

  • Language & Speech Development
  • Fine & Gross Motor Strength & Development
  • Early Literacy & Pre-Reading Skills
  • Preschool & Kindergarten Readiness

The Fall session of Online Playschool is a 5 week online, early childhood (0 to 5) education and entertainment program delivered daily in a video format. Each week is designed around a specific set of early childhood concepts (i.e. Up & Down, Big & Little, Colors, etc.) and all designed around one theme – Autumn!

Each Friday you’ll receive an email with your List of supplies needed for the week (for craft and sensory projects). Over the course of the whole session you’ll receive over 20 videos with 15 craft project ideas, 10 sensory activities, 15 – 25 stories read-aloud, 5 30-minute sing-along videos, Gross Motor activity ideas and 5 Autumn recipes! It’s delivered in 5 weeks but will last you well beyond that.

If you wanna know more, you don’t even have to leave my website – just hop on over to THIS PAGE for details and to find out about the Early Bird specials & bonuses (that expire tomorrow, 9/13!)


OKAY! And now….a classic kids song that’s perfect for the start of school: Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes!


I did a video for this song about five yeas ago – so I thought it was time for an update – lol! (It’s another one from my super fun shoot at the YouTube NY Space a few weeks ago.)

Often at the start of a new school year, the early childhood classroom will follow on a getting-to-know-you or all-about-me unit. Body part identification is a big part about learning about ourselves and so this song is PERFECT for that.

And as is my usual way –  we get a little bit silly in this one.  We start slow, and then get faster, faster & faster until we’re going “super silly fast”!

Enjoy! And please comment below and let me know how your child/ren enjoy the video. And feel free to share!

Have a wonderful week and see you next Tuesday. – or in Online Playschool!!!


Miss Nina