Hi there!

Well, here we are! It’s been a while since I’ve made a new video and I feel super excited.

We are settling into our new house, our new routine, making new friends – and I have a new office space to work and shoot my videos from!

In some areas of the country our school year is still wrapping up so it may seem like a strange time for a Hello Song to be introduced. But I was thinking how we have new beginnings all the time: each day is a new beginning, as is each week, each month, each season. ¬†And within one day we often have many new beginning as we start another class or “begin again” after a nap. Right?

So, I decided to shoot a video of my song Hello Hello from my first album Singing & Dancing Together which you can also find on my newer compilation Rap, Rock & Read Volume I РThe Best of Miss Nina.

I start every class with this song – and you may have heard me sing it on a Facebook live or live in concert. It’s just always a great way to get everyone moving and get the energy up. So – I invite you do use it today to start your day, or your class – or your new hour! Lol!

Hope you and the little ones in your life enjoy it!

Next week I’ll also be sure and have the fun list of where to come and see me perform live this summer! I’m a Minnesotan now – so you’ll see me a lot around here! And if YOU are in Minnesota and your preschool is looking for an original and fun Movement & Music Program – please check out my Rap, Rock & Read Music & Movement Program and share the info page and and this video:

Wishing you a wonderful week! I’ll see you in your inbox next Tuesday!


Miss Nina

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