Hello my friends!

Well, things have been a little nutty BTS here at Miss Nina HQ – but all is well! My apologies for today’s video, blog post and email getting out to you late!

I’ve still been celebrating MOVEmber even though I haven’t posted a lot this week on social media. Last Wednesday was my birthday, though! And I started the day MOVING with a Crossfit workout. You can see my instagarm post about that right here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B40lGSHnqlk/

This week I have an official new episode of The Miss Nina Weekly Video Show featuring a new song I wrote called, Honeydew You Love Me?.  !! And I also have a new song I wrote up on my Facebook page as part of the #Kindiekindness challenge!

So first up – the new episode & new song in which I use fruits and vegetables (and a few other foods) in a fun way. 🙂 (For school aged kids  you might use this song to discuss Homophones !) Let me know what you think!

The lyrics scroll across the bottom the second time we sing it, in case you’re interested….

And now, here’s the story about the second song:  On Friday, Stephanie of Music for Kiddos (she’s an amazing music therapist, teacher and blogger – check her out!) to the #KindieKindnessChallenge! In honor of Kindness month and the release of their new album, Hug Life, my friends Sunshine & Broccoli (remember them from our Skinnamarink video?) have started a songwriting challenge among the Kindie Music community to write and share songs about kindness. We’re supposed to do it in @ 24 hours – took me a little longer!! Lol! I wrote it on Friday, but didn’t get to record it until Sunday. I posted it first on Instagram & then on my Facebook Page. Here it is in it’s entirety….a little Doo-Wop Pop song called Be Kind:


Please share either or both of these songs with anyone you think might find them useful or just plain fun!

Thanks for your patience with me today – and I’ll see you again in your inbox next Tuesday!


Miss Nina


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