My wish for all children is to have a close, loving bond with the grown-ups in their life.

My wish for parents is that they have a close, loving bond with their children.

Did you know that playing with your child when they are young, sets you up for a good, strong relationship with them later  – when they’re teenagers.

Really – PLAY is everything.

And I can also hear you reading this and saying “yeah Nina, I get it – and I want to do that too. But I’m also working, and cooking, and keeping the house from falling apart and….” I know – the amount you do is endless and it’s really hard to stop and play.

I don’t have any expectation that you can be your child’s main playmate. And, independent play is great for them – as is playing with their siblings and friends.

But research has shown that playing with their parents is the most beneficial thing for a child’s development in all areas. And I’m most interested in the long time benefit of a strong bond with your child that will be the foundation of a strong future relationship with them.

And you know what – you can have this in just 10 minutes a day!

Even just 5 minutes in the morning and 5 in the evening –  you’ll be doing such wonders for your child and yourself.

My videos, of course, are for the kids. But they are for you, too. Short little how-to’s that you can immediately use to play with your child.

This week we’ve got this fun rhyme and fingerplay (that’s just simply the term for a rhyme that has hand motions that go along with it) called here is the beehive. It’s great for fine motor development and counting – and rhymes are always good for speech and language development. But most importantly, this one is a fun one to do TOGETHER. When all five bees come out of the hive, they start buzzing around. Which is a great time for…….TICKLING!

It’s an easy rhyme to learn and takes less than a minute to say – but do it together a few times and you’ll be on your way to that “10 minutes” I mentioned above. 10 minutes of play a day strengthens your bond and creates the time and space in your family life for relating and communicating – creating a way to have the time and space to relate to each other now will pay high dividends later.

So – let me know! Did you do this one together? Any great tickle fighter ensue??!! Tell me in the comments below of over on my Facebook Page.

Enjoy! Have fun playing and I’ll see you next Tuesday!


Miss Nina