Hey there!

Well, I am back from a super fun tour of the Rochester area where I got to perform at five libraries in two days! But wow – it was fun. I posted lots of pictures and updates over on my Facebook page – so be sure and go check them out when you finish watching today’s video!

I’m happy to be back at home with my family – and happy to be back in the usual routine. I’ve got a super fun video shoot happening at YouTube tomorrow and will be sharing those videos soon. But today, I have for you a very silly and short video of a song called “I Dropped My Fish”:

I learned this song from the Champaign Library’s YouTube channel where they do “I Dropped My Frog”. However, I could not locate our froggy stuffed animal, so I went with this fish puppet and renamed the song. 🙂

This song will be a big hit for kids because they are such fans of some good old slapstick. Watching an adult drop someone over and over (and saying “whoops!”) is often incredibly entertaining for them. And all the while you’re also working on identification of body parts with them. So silly, fun and educational. Win/win/win!

Enjoy the video and your week and I’ll see you in your inbox next Tuesday!


Miss Nina