I Present Programming for Children

Hire Miss Nina Solo 0r the whole band, Miss Nina & the Jumping jacks, to perform at your event.

Your job might be to find the best entertainment for children and families that you can so that your instituion, festival, venue or series, etc. continues to be a respected and valued part of your community. You need entertainment that is hip and engaging – both for kids and parents – and that ensures that they have a fantastic, fun and memorable experience at your show.

It may have happend in the past that you booked a performer that seemed like they’d be perfect – but they just didn’t grab the attention of the kids, or deliver the energy that you needed delivered. It was fine – but just not up to the standards that you like to provide for your community.

With my signature Rap, Rock & Read show – whether solo or with the band – you can rest assured that you will have a high-energy, engaging fun experience for all who attend. And for added value, the kids may learn a little bit, too!

Check out our performance reel above for a taste of what a performance is like, and then look below to find what best describes what you are looking for and to get more information and rates.  Rap, Rock & Read Show description is at the bottom of the page.

What they’re saying…

“You’ll find it hard to sit down  at this high-energy move-along.” – Red Tricycle

“….wall-to-wall talent and fun.” – Parents’ Choice Foundation

“The best thing you can say about any performer is that their passion is contagious. The dictotomy of entertaining the youngest of the young is that they are easy to amuse but you can’t alienate the parents by being insufferably cute or infantile. Miss Nina walks that fine line of rousting the fervor of children without rustling the feathers of the elders of their flocks.”  Jeff Cohen, Mr. Jeff 2000

Featured Programs

Miss Nina Solo Shows

A Miss Nina solo show is engaging and high-enrgy from the get-go, but also has the up-close & personal feel that fans of the Miss Nina Weekly Video Show will love. You can find a full description of my signature show  at the bottom of this page. Ready to find out rates & book? Let’s talk! CLick below so we can get the ball rolling!

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Miss Nina & The Jumping JACKS

Miss Nina & The Jumping Jacks is a four-piece full band that delivers a high-energy, engaging show full of pop, rock and kid friendly hip-hop, just right for your early chldhood & family audience. We play a mix of Miss Nina originals from her three albums as well as a few traditional-with-a-twist kids songs delighting young and old alike. Kids will be jumping, clapping, and wiggling like spaghetti noodles  from the get-go as we have serious fun singing and moving and even reading! To find out rates, availability and more information click the button below so we can get acquainted and set a time to talk!

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speaking & teacher Training

Early Childhood Instituion conferences, Library Events, Teacher Workshops are all great places to have Nina come and share her knowledge and experience of curriculum building, music in the early childhood classroom, or simply How-To seminars on story time songs and finger plays. Please click the button below to find out more!

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Miss Nina’s Signature Solo Show: RAP, ROCK & READ!

Rap, Rock & Read, is interactive from the get-go, with kids waving, clapping, stomping, shaking, dancing, wiggling like spaghetti noodles, and singing along.

Hip hop and rap tunes are a part of every show, notably on a Miss Nina fan favorite, frequently heard on SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live, “The Brown Bear Rap.” For this, Miss Nina brings out a giant version of Bill Martin’s beloved book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and, as she raps, a grownup from the audience turns the pages while the kids dance and read-along to the amazing beat.

While there’s plenty of jumping and moving, Miss Nina’s Solo Show has an up-close-and-personal feel that fans of The Miss Nina Weekly Video Show will love. At these solo performances, Miss Nina always includes songs from her video show, along with songs from her albums. A favorite is “Three Little Fishies,” made famous by The Andrew Sisters, in which Miss Nina gives kids ways to clap and move along with the “boop boop dittem dattem whattem choo!”parts, to the delight of all. Following the high-energy, Meghan Trainor-esque, doo-wop “Freeze Dance,” everyone is ready to catch their breath. Out comes the easel and another giant book (perhaps Jane Yolen’s How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? or Anna Dewdney’s Llama Llama Red Pajama for example) for another “book song,” as the show winds down – and then the peppy “Goodbye Everybody”  to leave everyone on a high note.