Hi there! Happy Tuesday!

Oh my goodness – this is an exciting and fun-filled week!

We’ve got our 100th day of school celebration on Thursday, Valentine’s Day on Friday, and I get to go to Piper’s Parent Teacher conference on Wednesday. (I do find conferences kind of exciting – is that weird?)

But I am super duper excited about TODAY because I finally get to share this brand new video I made with my brand new friend, Teacher Jamaica of JAMaROO Kids!!

Two weeks ago I attended the MnAEYC-MnSACA conference in St. Paul, MN as an exhibitor. (First time doing something like that!) I met so many wonderful educators and vendors!  And I had the pleasure of connecting with Jamaica Stevens. She’s the owner/creator of JAMaROO Kids out in San Francisco, CA. They teach early childhood Dance, Music & Yoga classes in hundreds of schools and early childhood centers out there, and they also have a YouTube Channel and Online Teacher Training Program. AND – at the conference Jamaica did a presentation about how to add seasonal Movement & music activities into the early childhood classroom – a girl after my own heart!

And not only did we shoot one video – we shot TWO! Up on My channel today is the duet of the two of us singing If You’re Happy & You Know It – using Movement scarves:



And over on JAMaROO’s Youtube Channel is this one of us singing I Like To Eat Apples & Bananas (and lots of other fruits and veggies, too!)



And if you want lots more videos, well  all over my social media pages this week and all February long I’m celebrating by posting videos of SONGS WE LOVE! Songs we love (Like If You’re Happy & You Know It), songs ABOUT Love, and songs and books we love about Black History for Black History Month. Check out my Facebook Page or my Instagram page to see what I’ve posted so far…..


Valentine’s Day Songs! 30+ Minutes of Non-Stop Love & Friendship Songs

Wishing you a wonderful week!! Celebrate, Collaborate & spread Love!

Happy early Valentine’s Day!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of this Miss Nina thing I do. 🙂


Miss Nin

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