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As you may have read in my weekly Tuesday email, a preschool music teacher in Toronto, Canada wrote to me last week. She was looking for “reassuring songs, emotion songs for our families” during this time (that weren’t too sad…). She had this brilliant suggestion: for me to rewrite my song “Let’s Go Home” (2016)  to “Let’s Stay Home.” I thought that was an excellent idea! And so I did.  And that gave me an idea to make a blog post for you all with several songs to help our little ones, in various ways, throughout this Covid-19 Global Pandemic. So first up in our song list,

  1. Let’s Stay Home: 

2. Wash Our Hands – Hand Washing Song for Kids

And, of course, getting our little ones to wash those hands appropriately and for the right length of time is a bit of a thing. In this next video I took my Wash Your Hands song that I wrote long ago at the suggestion (I like suggestions!) of a mother in my preschool mommy-and-me class – and made a new video of it where I demonstrate, while singing, how to wash our hands. So here it is:

3. Clean-Up Medley

Next – let me just say that I, too, am at home with a child. She’s 7, so we are out of our toddler years. But that does not mean we are away from big messes all over the house! LOL! I am GLAD she’s finally able to play alone a bit and entetain herself. But at the end of the day, there are piles and buildings and dolls and costumes everywhere. If this is you, too, then perhaps you’ll find this Clean-Up Medley helpful. It, honestly, makes cleaning up fun for kids. Turn on the video, model once or twice how to clean up and put things away while I’m singing, and then soon enough they’ll be doing it on their own! (Or at least helping you clean a little more than they ever did before?)

4. If You’re Happy & You Know It with Movement Scarves

I know, too, that some times they just need to get their wiggles out! You may be trying to work or cook, or it simply may be bad weather outside. Let me and Miss Jamica from Jamaroo Kids help you out. If You’re Happy & You Know It never disappoints a child. Grab a movement scarf of some sort – bandana, dishtowel, etc. – and join us~

5. Wild Things

Attempting to Distance Learning with a stir-crazy preschooler is not easy. I know we have to be creative in getting them engaged and trying to meet their educational goals. You’re in luck!! I LOVE combining movement with learning. It’s my THING! So below is my song Wild Things – and ode to the book Where The Wild Things Are. If you can read the book before watching the video, great! If not, perhaps after moving along to the song there will be interest in the book. Either way works. Get ready to roar your terrible roar, gnash your terrible teeth, roll your terrible eyes and show your terrible claws! (**And if music, movement and children’s books appeal to you, perhaps you’d like to join us in Tunes & Tales, my new literature-based preschool Music & Movement online program! It is NOT too late to join us! GO HERE FOR MORE INFO**. )

6. The Brown Bear Rap

Another one for combining getting our wiggles out with some learning – you will not be disappointed with my most popular song, The Brown Bear Rap.  Move and read along with me to Bill Martin Jr & Eric Carle’s  Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  I definitely having raving fans of this song and parents who write and send me videos of their kids reading and moving along to this book.  If you like it, you’ll be thrilled to know that you get a FREE DOWNLOAD of the mp3 version of this, along with a PDF of 15 Animal Action & Movement songs to got with it when you join my email list right her on MyMissNIna.com.

I hope these videos are helpful for you as we navigate this crazy time – and hopefully many of them will help you beyond this!

Please feel free to share. And I look forward to seeing you online – whether on my Facebook Lives, my YouTube Channel or in Tunes & Tales soon!


Miss Nina

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