Good morning friends!

What a fun week we had last week. Thanks so much to The Busy Bee and all who came out for a super fun morning last Wednesday, and on Thursday – Wow! What a FUN Facebook Live! We had people join us from New Jersey to Michigan to Canada (British Columbia) to Taiwan and everywhere in between! We’ll DEFINITELY be doing that again very soon!

And yesterday I had the great pleasure of playing an end-of-year concert for the preschool kids at St. Andrew’s Episcopal down in MD. It was so fun to see them when they all came running into the room showing off their Miss Nina signature Pink Guitar Tattoos (by Love Jac and Tattly Tattoos!) all over them! Mr. Pyle’s really got into the action (pictured above) – lol!

For my NJ friends – a few more concerts/performances this week – open to the public! Here they are:

Thurs., June 7th – 6 pm Miss Nina Farewell Concert in the Cafe – JCC Metrowest (West Orange, NJ)

Sat, June 9th – 10:30 & 11:30 Miss Nina – MAPSO Book Festival – The Woodland (Maplewood, NJ)

And now – this week’s video!  Another fun one from my Kindiecomm Sessions! This song “Mama Don’t Allow” is a a traditional bluegrass song and I’m joined by Laura Doherty and Matt Heaton.

Laura is a multi- award winning music and recording artist for kids. She’s and incredibly gifted musician with a knack for gently interacting with preschoolers – and nothing sums her up better than this quote from Stefan Shepard (NPR, Zooglobble) on her website: “Laura Doherty is one of the best artists making music for the preschoolers in your life.”  I’ve know Laura for a few years now and was so excited that I finally got to make a video with her! ( for more on Laura!)

Matt Heaton believes music for kids can be entertaining for both children AND parents. His songs are a mix of rockabilly, surf, american roots and Irish traditional music, delivered with a wry sense of humor and a sincere sense of fun. He’s been a lifelong musician and when his son was born years ago he started writing and performing for kids and families. He is such a talented musician (as you’ll witness in this week’s video) and It was an honor and a privilege to meet him for the first time at this year’s Kindiecomm and get to record with him! ( for more on Matt)

Grab your Tamborine or shaker or kazoo (!!) and join us in this super fun song!

Wishing you all a wonderful week and I’ll see you at a concert or online soon!


Miss Nina