Good morning, Friends –

I apologize for the lack of email last Tuesday. That may have been the first time in eight years that I missed an email to you. And as you may know already if you follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook, my Father passed away on April 17th. So last week we travelled back east to my childhood homie in Delaware for the funeral to to be with family and friends. My father was 78 and had been struggling in the last stage of Parkinson’s Disease since September. So his death was somewhat expected…. But still emotional and overwhelming as death is to the living. 

Other big Life events happening over there: we’ve bought a house here in Minnesota and we move this weekend! It is wonderful exciting news. And yes – stressful! These two events occurring within weeks of each other is definitely a lot. So as you may have guessed there is not *new* video for you today. But I do have a good one – especially for what I call the “caterpillar-butterfly” time of year. 🙂  Usually I call it that simply because that’s what many preschool classes focus on in April/May. With all this change – seems I too am having a bit of a metamorphosis this Spring and have much in common with a caterpillar right now. 

If you’re NOT in the Minneapolis area, scroll down for the link to the video. But IF YOU ARE IN MINNESOTA please come out for one or both of these events! TOMORROW and SATURDAY MAY 18th:

Wee Wednesdays at Midtown Global Market
10:30 Miss Nina Concert
920 East Lake Street – Minneapolis, MN

Blooma Spring Family Concert
4:30 Miiss Nina Concert, Snacks & Adult Beverages
Lyndale Avenue, Minneapolis

More live shows this summer! Visit the Calendar Page of my website for details!

And now for your viewing and class planning pleasure – this week’s video is a song to pair with your caterpillar/butterfly unit and or your reading of Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar. It’s my little original (to the Tune of Old MacDonald) song “The Very Hungry Caterpillar Went Out One Day”:


While teaching my favorite unit one year – complete with Very Hungry Caterpillar picnic parties in each class  🙂  – I was looking for songs for this unit. My kids LOVED the song Old MacDonald, so I weaved Eric Carle’s story into that tune and voila! Here’s what you have: a sing-along, move-along song perfect for this time of year.

If you know of any other parents, teachers or administrators who would find this song and video fun and useful – please share it!

Minnesotans: I hope to see you this week or in on May 18th! And my friends from around the country and the world – I will see you in your inbox next Tuesday. Have a wonderful week!


Miss Nina

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