Happy Tuesday!

I hope your week is off to a great start.

When I was teaching I always found the first week of November an odd time for my curriculum. After all the build up to Halloween, it seems too soon to jump into hand print Turkeys and to start talking immediately about harvest and families, gratitude and Thanksgiving. I love to do all of that, of course! But I feel like it’s a little abrupt in that first week or so.

But there’s also no time to really start some other unit. It’s sort of a “float” week for me.

So this week, I have a video for you that has nothing to do with any particular time of the year! It’s called The Moose Song or There Was A Great Big Moose.

It’s a Girl Scout Song and a camp song that, if you scour YouTube, you’ll see lots of teenagers having fun with! But it’s also a particularly cute song for little ones. It’s about a Moose who drinks juice. It’s a Call & response / Repeat after me song, and….. it’s SILLY!

And yes, I edited it with the old “picture-in-a-picture” function so that you’ve got Miss Nina 2 repeating after Miss Nina 1. Lol! But this gives the kids a sense of timing and HOW to follow along.

And I’m going to apologize to you now: this song is a bit of an ear worm and gets stuck in your head! But it should be a fun song for the little ones.

Enjoy! Let me know how they like it!


Miss Nina


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