Oh my goodness – what an incredible wrap up to 2019 it’s been. If you keep up with me on Instagram you saw that while Miss Nina took a break “just plain Nina” took over and shared photos and experiences of our big family cruise last week! There’s more to share….

But as you can see from the photo below I HAVE BIG PLANS FOR 2020!!!

52 new videos in 52 weeks!

YES!! I am super excited to commit to bringing you fresh, new content every single week in 2020! 

A LOT is going on in the world of YouTube and videos with the new COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) Rules. And honestly I am ALL FOR IT.

These new rules protect children from being targeted by ads, inappropriate content and make viewing safer for children online.

The only thing that is difficult for me about it is that it can make my videos and content less easy to find and get to. So, that’s why I’m going all in and putting my focus and time into my channel this year.

It is still my passion that all children have an education and learn to read.  And I believe music and movement – in person and via video- can make that possible AND a whole lot of fun!

SO – in order to get my videos really out there and able to reach more children than ever, I’m tuning into all the tips and suggestions for optimizing my videos – and that means just a couple of changes in how and when I post. 

Each video will have more impact if it is shared the most in its first 24 hours of being live! SO – in my weekly videos on Tuesday, rather than linking to my blog post, I will link directly to my video on YouTube to help with that. 

Below each video I will also have links to lots of other related Miss Nina videos so you can keep the fun going!

*And then, on Wednesdays*, I will post the new video on my blog: http://MyMissNina.com/blog .

The more you share my videos, too, the more that will help! 

So – let’s get the part started!! Here is episode 1 of 52 for 2020:

5 Little Snowmen:

Click the photo above to chant and move along with me!

If you like the video and want share and help me on my mission, please use this link:


And so that you can use this at home or with your classes and groups, here are the lyrics:

Five Little snowmen on a snowy day
The first one said, “Let’s Play, what do you say?”
The second one said, “Let’s stomp on the ground”.
The third one said “Let’s roll around”.
The fourth one said, “Let’s run and run and run.”
The fifth one said, “I’m afraid to feel the sun.”
“Oh dear,” cried the snowmen as they looked toward the sky
And the five melting snowmen waved goodbye!

I am SO looking forward to a creative, fun, and musical year ahead with you!! 

Happy New Year!!


Miss Nina

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