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Back at Kindiecomm, just as I was wrapping up filming these sessions, I walk out of the room to a young man in a suit, wig, glasses and tall tall top hat, whom I’d never met before.  I started to tell him that I’d run out of time – I had to get some dinner before I had to perform that night and – but there he was – SO ready to go. I admired his commitment, readiness – and the outfit, of course! And I was intrigued. I had to see what this guy was about. So I filmed one last segment with him.

I am SO GLAD I DID! Marky Monday is known to fans as the new age Fred Penner, Mr. Dressup, and Mr. Rogers all combined in one. Marky Monday is a children’s character created and performed by Mark William Pezzelato. Mark began working with children in 2001 as a professional drum and guitar teacher. Eventually his teaching evolved into creating songs and entertaining. By 2011 Mark was performing in festivals and private parties as Disney’s Mad Hatter, turning heads wherever he went with his unique and original approach, by creating original songs on the spot to entertain audiences of all ages. It was a friend who, one Monday, dubbed him “Marky Monday” and it stuck! Mark has written hundreds of songs, has been recording and performing music since 1998 – and is an author of three non-fiction books! Marky’s over all messages are of love and respect, and highlights the importance of creativity and diversity in children.

And well – he’s also just heaps of fun! If your little one loves to RAWK – this if for them:

In this video we perform (well he performs and I shake a shaker, and sing a little bit here and there!) Marky’s punk-rock-nursery-rhyme-mash-up. In this song you’ll here a mix of Little Miss Muffet, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Peter Pumpkin Eater, Humpty Dumpty – and there may be one of two I’ve forgotten.

Be sure and find Marky Monday on Social Media! He’s on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook as, you guessed it, Marky Monday! And his website is www.markymonday.com.

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Have a wonderful week everyone! Stay tuned for a  some big upcoming announcements and a Facebook Live Sing-Along coming soon! 


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