Hello from -23 degrees in Minneapolis, MN!

Oh. My. God. 

Honestly, as I’m typing this, it is not yet that cold. But when you read this, it will be. 

Schools here were closed today for snow (we got a foot overnight) and this afternoon we got the news that they will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday due to severe cold. !! I have to say, Piper and I are having a really great time though! Board games, card games, movies and popcorn and hot chocolate, dance parties and cooking extravaganzas – it’s been great! And I plan to do more of all of that for the next two days. Perhaps you may be hunkering down for the next few days as well?

Well – I’ve got something cool to offer: 

I have EIGHT SPOTS available for a FREE TRIAL of Move & Groove this week!!

EIGHT SPOTS to join us for a live, online sing-along on Zoom this Thursday at 11 am EST/10 am CST/8 am PST. And if you join you’ll also receive a PDF of suggested picture books, crafts, sensory activities and snack recipe to match up with our theme and concepts for this week. 


CLICK HERE to respond, and I’ll get back to you with all the details on how to join us!                                                              It’s super duper fun!! This week we’re focusing on Winter and the concepts of Loud & Quiet. 

And we do it on Zoom – so not only can you see me, I can see you and your kids!

As for this week’s video –  I am sad to report that between school being closed today (my usual editing day) and some serious technological difficulties tonight, I do not have a new video this week. But I’ve got and oldie but goodie for you! A true blast from the past – and a video from a warmer time and place (shot while we were vacationing at the beach one summer). I am joined by my niece, Marissa (who is 8 in the video, but is now 14!!) to do the Hokey Pokey! 

So let’s all stand up, shake off the chill in the air and do the Hokey Pokey together!!  And then move on to the Winter version: The Snow-key Pokey!

For this one, dress up in your winter coat, gloves, scarf, hat – the works! And then have some fun with me!!

Enjoy! and I hope to see you online on Thursday, too!!

Stay warm!!


Miss Nina


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