Hi there!

Happy Tuesday to you.

So here we are in the last week of February! That went by so much faster than January did – LOL!

I’ve had a lot of fun with our theme of Love this month – love songs, songs we love, & books we love!

So, I’m wrapping up this Love Fest with another “Song we Love” – Open Shut Them! 

This one is an old favorite and is always a crowd pleaser, I find. The tune is simple and catchy, the movements are rhythmic and fun, and there’s a dash of silliness at the end. I find it to be a great song for gathering attention – perhaps having the children join me in a round of it right before I have to give some instructions, or right after we’ve been jumping around and having fun and we need to calm down and focus before moving on.

I’d done a video of this song WAY BACK in 2012 so I figured it was time to do it again! Click below to see the new video!

If you know anyone who would enjoy this video and/or find it useful – please share! Here is the direct link: https://youtu.be/jSVP5XD_DqI

Or if you’re one who loves Twitter, CLICK TO TWEET HERE: https://ctt.ac/45Std

Next week is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and March is National Reading Month, so we just might have to focus on songs about books and reading! 🙂 With a dash of Spring songs, too, since it officially begins March 21st!

I’ve got a couple of library shows out here in Minnesota in March, too, so I’ll update you with all that info in my next email.

Wishing you a wonderful week and I’ll see you in your inbox next Tuesdays!


Miss Nina

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