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miss nina’s personalized videos

Is your child a fan of Miss Nina’s Weekly Video show?

Does he/she often talk to the screen and want to interact with Miss Nina?

Would your child like if Miss Nina talked directly to them from the video?

Then a Miss Nina Personalized Video would make the perfect gift for your child!



Miss Nina will record a three song video for your child – spoken and sung directly to them! YOU get to choose the songs. Can include Miss Nina singing Happy Birthday and a photo montage of your child.


Once you place your order,  Miss Nina will contact you to find out song requests, fulfillment date & information about your child to make it REALLY personal!.


Once the video is completed, Miss Nina will deliver it to you for you via Dropbox for download. Additionally she can post a private link it to on YouTube.



You’ll receive an email from Miss Nina within 24 hours of your order to get your details!

*Please allow at least one week from time of order to delivery date*. 

Questions? Email us HERE.

“We’re so thrilled, especially Ellie. Ellie keeps saying “Miss Nina knows me!!!”. Thank you so much for putting so much effort, enthusiasm and energy into the video….. It was all just wonderful! We will cherish this video… “

Carol, Eric and Ellie

“The video is so awesome. Amazing! It made me tear up. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this for my little girl; it means the world to us both.”


“Oh Miss Nina!  Yesterday we had the pleasure of watching your birthday video for Shane and he LOVED it!!!!!  What exceptional fun for him and all of us!!!  Thank you so much for all you have meant to Shane and all of us.  And now we have this so very special video tailored to Shane…….such laughter and tears of joy and musical enjoyment for us!!!!!”

Grandma Sally

“Anya is going to LOVE the video! It gave me goosebumps and a few (manly) tears!  It was EXACTLY what I had hoped for except where it was BETTER that I had hoped for. Thank you!”

– Stephen

“Thanks so much!  Your video is SO SWEET AND WARM!  Sarah will love it!  Of course, the minute I started watching it, I broke into tears…then again before the Happy Birthday Song when you displayed her picture.  I was a mess! Thanks for getting the details right, and for being so kind.”

Beth Sekelik

“Oh Nina – I just wish you could have been here to see the reaction. What a joy for all of us, and especially for Rosie! She was absolutely spellbound the first time through — in shock that you had said “Rosie,” and knew all about her – and she collapsed in tears when you “left”!  Thank you so much for a lovely job! There truly could not have been a better birthday gift for Rosie.”


“Just to let you know that Anya was overjoyed with her birthday video.  It was her first present today and she enjoyed every minute of it. She has watched the video several times today (I think it is destined to be a favorite). Thank you once again.”

Stephen, Lisa and Anya

“I wanted to personally thank you for doing such a great job on Sarah’s video. She loved it. She watches it daily and sings along with the songs. She especially loved the picture of herself inserted within the video. Thanks again for bringing joy into my daughters life.”

David Sekelik

“OMG!  I had the privilege of seeing the happiest 4 year old on the planet today.  You absolutely blew his mind. There was not one dry eye in the house after seeing his reaction to the video.  I really can’t thank you enough.”

– Austin

“You are amazing!!!!  Your birthday video for Shane is fantastic!!!  Thank you so much for this….another personalized Miss Nina birthday video!!!  I am so moved and touched by you……and what you have brought to Shane’s world!!!  You are an integral part of every day for Shane…….yes, every day….as he enjoys you on his tablet and now this latest video. Thank you so very much!!!! “

Sally  (his Gramma)

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