Hello my dear ones!

Well, it’s an exciting week ahead – I’m on my way up to Rochester for a little tour. I’ll be performing at five Rochester area libraries in two days. Woohoo! I’m super excited! I LOVE playing at libraries. They are the perfect venue for all of my book songs, and also the perfect venue for a whole lot of singing, dancing and moving along.

As I have been planning and packing for my trip, readying my car playlist for the long drive, I was thinking about all of you and your summer trips.

Perhaps you, too, are going on a road trip and may be in need of some longer-than-usual Miss Nina entertainment?  If so – today’s post is just what you’re looking for!  Below I have for you:

  • one 35+ minute video of sing-along and action songs AND
  • one 45+ minute video of sing-along and action songs!
  • And if you don’t have an internet connection, but need some Miss Nina videos on the go – I sell two downloadable video compilations of 5 songs each! I’ll post those at the bottom of this page.

So to the playlists! First: the 35+ minutes video:

And now, the 45+ minute video:

And if you’re interested in purchasing either or both of those video playlists to-go, here they are:


And now, I’m off to Rochester, NY! Hope to see some of you up there! You can get all the info about where I”ll be and when over on my calendar page

Happy travels to you if you’re headed off on a fun adventure this week. I’ll “see” you again next Tuesday!

Miss Nina