Summer is slowly drawing to an end. In some areas of the USA kids have already gone back to school. Over here in NJ we have about two weeks left before that happens.

But the end of summer and the beginning of the school year had me thinking about Goodbye songs. Saying goodbye to summer, and how in the early childhood classroom we often have new Goodbye (and Hello) songs for the new year.

I’ve got my song, “Bye-Bye, Everybody”, from my album Sha Doo Be Doop that I use in my classes – but it’s always fun to find a new one. And this one I learned from one of my favorite YouTube Channels: JBrary. (It’s a channel of two children’s librarians from Canada teaching story time songs and rhymes and they have a ton of great material!)

So, this week’s video is “See Ya Later, Alligator!” It’s to the tune of “Clementine” and has a slew of fun animals:

And, here’s the lyrics:

See ya later, alligator
In a while crocodile
Give a hug. ladybug
Blow a kiss, jellyfish.
See you soon, big baboon
Out the door, dinosaur
Take Care, Polar Bear
Wave goodbye, Butterfly.

Lots of fun shows getting booked for the Fall and we’ll be opening enrollment for the Miss Nina Online Playschool again soon – so be sure and sign up to get notified when the next session starts! 

Enjoy the video and your week and I’ll see you soon!


Miss Nina