About two months ago I introduced Piper to the movie Mary Poppins – and for about two weeks after that we either watched it or listened to it every day!  (She’s since moved onto the Trolls movie soundtrack – but I’m sure we’ll be back to Mary Poppins again soon. 🙂 )

Ever since watching it I’ve been thinking about doing this song for you all. I love the reverse psychology Mary Poppins uses and how cleverly sleepy the lyrics and melody of this song are, all while telling us to “Stay Awake.”

You may find it fun to have your child/ren grab a Teddy Bear or Baby Doll and pretend that they are the ones who don’t want to sleep, and let your child/ren pretend the are Mary Poppins singing this song.

If they’ve not seen this movie – no worries! It’s still a fun song to sing-along to. I don’t know any child who doesn’t like the pretend-do-fall-asleep-and-then-wake-up game! 🙂

Enjoy! And please share this video and/or post with anyone in your life. you think might enjoy it!

Have a wonderful day and see you soon!


Miss Nina