Happy Springtime Tuesday!!

It’s Tuesday morning and Life is gooooood. Spring is really, finally here (in NJ) and I just got back from an AMAZING, STELLAR weekend at KINDIECOMM in Philadelphia!! It was hosted by the incredible Kathy O’Connell and Robert Drake of WXPN at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia – and it was SPECTACULAR!

While I was there, mixing and mingling and learning and being inspired by fellow kids music artists from around the world, I had the opportunity to shoot NINE NEW EPISODES of the Miss Nina Weekly Video Show! Oh. My. GOODNESS!!! It was so phenomenal. You’ll be seeing guest from as far as Australia (The Lah-Lahs!!), Canada and all over the US. Songs with sign language, kazoos, laughter and a whole lot of fun. I cannot wait to share those with you over the next couple of months!

I also had the opportunity to perform for my peer isn the Industry Showcase with my great friends, Jason Didner and Awesome Amy of Jason Didner and The Jungle Gym Jam. And I got to dance and have fun with so many of my fellow Kindie friends –  and made new friends. It was phenomenal!

And I have more news for you!!! I’ve been sold out for years…..but just got my hands on 50 Additional copies of Sha Doo Be Doop! That’s my 2013 album that has The Brown Bear Rap, My Hula Hoop, How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight on it -& more!!! It’s on sale now on my store page – so if you’ve been waiting for a copy – go and get it!!

And nooooooooooooowwwwwww – TODAY’S VIDEO!!! I haven’t gotten to edit any of the footage from this weekend yet, but I do FINALLY Have a music video for my song “Sunshine, Blue Skies” off the Miss Nina & The Jumping Jacks’ album Every Day’s Your Birthday!!   

Last year I asked for a little help from you with video footage of your kids playing – and I finally compiled it and made this video – one of my favorite songs from this album. Get ready to be inspired to go outside and play! Here is SUNSHINE, BLUE SKIES:

OH – and guess what??!!!!! Thanks to you all, my video for “I’m Bringing Home A Baby Bumblebee” just crossed the ONE MILLION VIEWS mark!!! WOW!!! One million views. Blows my mind!! Thank you so m much for watching my videos, enjoying the. music and being a part of my life!!

Ok – Enjoy your day and your week – and get out in that Sunshine and Blue Skies! You deserve it!!


Miss Nina