I don’t even know what to say.
We are living through a most difficult and unique time.
Every day there is something newly unpleasant happening in the world to a degree I’ve never experienced. I know you must feel as exhausted as I do.
But we keep going, one day at a time – one minute at a time – especially for our children.
My aim, as Miss Nina and as just plain old Nina, has always been to model kindness, fairness, positivity and love to the best of my ability and to be a channel for those qualities.
So today I’m keeping it simple with a standard Nursery Rhyme and children’s song favorite: The Itsy Bitsy Spider.
I sing this two times through with guitar and lead the hand motions.
If you are exhausted and/or grieving and/or processing and/or reflecting or whatever you are going through – hopefully this video will give you a smidge of a break by engaging your little ones with a simple, interactive song and movement activity while you take a moment for yourself.

Sending out love to you and yours today…


Miss Nina


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