Happy Holidays!!!

I’ve got some fun stuff for the little ones in your life: some Miss Nina holiday gift ideas and A BRAND NEW VIDEO: This Little Light Of Mine!

First off,  holiday gift ideas for the Miss Nina fan in your life:

Miss Nina CDs make great stocking-stuffers (find them over on my store page) and a PERSONALIZED MISS NINA VIDEO is the perfect gift for a Miss Nina fan!
You may have seen my recent email and posts about them. They are back by popular demand – but only for a limited time. I absolutely LOVE making these! If you didn’t get a chance to see it – here’s a little 2 minute video montage of several personalized videos that I’ve done in the past to give you a little taste:

And for more info just head on over to the Personalized Videos Info Page.

And now  – this week’s new video!

I didn’t get to finish editing my holiday song compilation video, so that will be coming out next week (just in time for your long car rides! : ) )
But I do have this lovely song that’s great for all of the holidays, or any time of year: This Little Light Of Mine.

For our older preschoolers and Kindergartners, this song is a great jumping off point to talk about what our “light” is, and how we can make that light shine. I mention in the video that my belief is that our “light” is our love and kindness. But it’s definitely open for interpretation!

For the toddlers and young preschoolers, I like to be a little more concrete and hand out small flashlights. And we do simple things like body identification and exploring how light shines by singing things like “Shine it on my foot. I’m gonna let it shine” or “shine it on the ceiling….. “.
(Big kids like to play wish the flashlights, too, of course!)

I’d love to hear how you engage with this song in your lives, homes and classrooms. Let me know in the comments!!

Wishing you a wonderful, holly, jolly week! I’ll be back in your inbox next Tuesday with more holiday cheer….

Miss Nina

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