Happy Tuesday!

I hope your week is off to a great start! I’ve got to tell you – these first two weeks of Back-To-School were a little disorienting. The weather out here in Minnesota turned decidedly Fall-like almost immediately. It was cool, in a way, because we got to rock our Fall outfits….but it was also a bit abrupt and was bumming us all out.

There was no real transition! It went from summer to, like, October/November feeling in a matter of days!

For little ones, we know we need to honor all the transitions they go through – big milestone life transitions – and super small, every day transitions like the transition from waking up to getting ready for the day, or ending play time to putting on our shoes to go out. In the early childhood classroom we honor this need for transition with songs, or activities. We know that a change is hard – even just changing a diaper! LOL!

We have routines and schedules to help ground them and smoothly move from one thing to the next. But – I often forget to do this for myself!  But  honestly – honoring moments of transition is just as important for adults, I mean, I cannot wake up and immediately jump into the shower. I need a few minutes – and then a few minutes more – to wake up, have some coffee and sort of come to consciousness. Or big things, like moving are not over the day you move. There’s long good-byes and staying connected with your former community and transitioning to. your new one.

And so it was with the weather and the seasons! I LOVE Fall, and was excited to roast Acorn Squash and sip hot chocolate with Piper on a cold and wet afternoon – but I felt really out of sorts, bummed out and like something was missing. And then – yesterday happened. 85 degrees and sunny! We got to have our playgroup outside!

And as I I went through my day yesterday I felt comforted and I felt better. I remembered that, oh yeah, Autumn hasn’t even officially begun yet! No wonder I was feeling out of sorts, the grass and leaves are still green, the earth is still warm and we did not have the slow transition of things getting incrementally colder,… We ALL need transitions. Gradual, slow transitions.

And, actually, I’ve got an exciting transition/upgrade happening: after 8+ years of doing this show via my laptop I FINALLY got some awesome video equipment! A new camera and mic!

I’M SO EXCITED! I’ve got to take some time to learn how to best operate everything, and then I’m going to shoot some new videos for you and I CANNOT WAIT!  But yes – I’m sure there will be a learning curve as I transition away from my old way of doing things and into this new one. So, I’ll go slow and gradually shift into a new way of doing things. !!! 🙂 🙂

Now after all that talk about transitions – I think I better post some videos about them for your little ones!  Below I’ll post a few videos we did this summer when we were talking about Routines and Transitions. Scroll down to find my Clean-Up Medley and Do As I’m Doin’ – a great move along and transition song for the classroom.  But before that – I wanted to arm you with 30+ minutes of non-stop, move along fun for the little ones. Something to get them engaged and moving and perhaps help them and you with a transition in your day today:

Press play for some IMMEDIATE sing & move along fun to these 13 songs:

  1. Sleeping Bunnies
  2. Knees Up, Mother Brown
  3. Wheels On The Bus
  4. If You’re Happy & You Know It
  5. Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
  6. Together and Apart
  7. Biscuits In The Oven
  8. 5 Little Monkeys
  9. Baby Shark 1
  10. The Hokey Pokey
  11. There Was A Crocodile
  12. Hurry, Hurry, Drive The Firetruck
  13. Shake Your Sillies Out

And for those Transitions here’s, first, The Clean-Up Medley:


And next: Do As I’m Doin’:

I certainly hope all the transitions in your life are going smoothly right now! And I certainly hope these videos help – in small and/or large ways.

I am so looking forward to sharing some new videos from my new camera with you next week! In the meantime, I wish you a fantastic week! And please feel free to share any of these videos with people in your life who would find them useful


Miss Nina

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