Happy 4th of July!

Here in the USA it’s our Independence Day. I was originally going to do a patriotic song of some sort – or a song about Independence and Freedom….  but I had the Circus and Parades on my mind!

In our town here in NJ, all sorts of things are going on for everyone to participate in – but two of the big things the little ones like the most is the circus and the parade (they often aren’t able to stay awake for the fireworks). And in my music classes this summer my overarching theme is “Summer Trips” and the last couple of weeks we’ve focused on a trip to the Zoo! So, I’ve been doing this version of When The Saints Go Marching In, where we sing about the animals marching:


If you have several little ones in your life, you can line them up for an animal parade to march around the room, or simply have them dance along, and then stomp like elephants, waddle like penguins and jumps like Kangaroos! And then perhaps you can get out to the parade or circus in your town and enjoy the 4th!

Whatever you do today, enjoy! And I look forward to more singing and dancing with you next week…


Miss Nina