There’s a NEW, original music program online that’s not just for entertainment!

Ready for your child to LEARN through literature-based music & movement – while having FUN?

As children spend more time in at-home learning environments, the last thing parents want is to…

For that consistent, quality program to supplement your child’s learning with music and movement grounded in literature…



by Miss Nina

A 3 day-a-week, private experiential music and movement membership brought to you by the one and only Miss Nina. Children will explore book favorites through original children’s music, movement activities and crafts which includes…
  • Pre-recorded video with a musical hello, reading of the STORY BOOK OF THE WEEK and craft making of a prop or musical instrument to be used that week on music and movement days.


  • Video will be posted in the PRIVATE Facebook group for you to view and follow along at your convenience.
  • LIVE class for music and movement based on the STORY BOOK OF THE WEEK, its themes, concepts and characters.


  • 10:00 am Central Standard Time – 35-40 minute music and movement LIVE on Zoom (recorded and posted to the private Facebook group for viewing anytime in case you miss the live class).

Hear from others about their experience…

Lisa says,

Your joy and love come through with your genuine smiling face – your whole face. And the words you say and your enthusiasm to be fun and goofy and uninhibited with singing and moving. You listen to participants, remember names, show everyone patience, and patience for your daughter. You make everyone feel important…to be present, to validate, to bring joy, encouragement, understanding, and respect. My daughter learns without knowing she is learning…we need structure in this time when it is greatly lacking, and you are just so positive so you are good for us all!

Emily says,

I’m glad this class has taken off, as well! I hope it’s fruitful for you and that God blesses your efforts – you really put a lot into it! My daughter does this music class and one other music class with a local woman (she was attending in person before quarantine) and the growth we have seen in her is astounding!…It also gives us something interesting to do “with” other people and is something different to break the monotony. All this said, thank you for all you do!

Miss Nina, an award-winning children’s music artist, early childhood movement and music specialist and YouTube star, has been bringing her love for music and movement to young learners for over 15 years. Her passion and enthusiasm for bringing an experiential learning experience using the whole body stems from her days as a former professional dancer and preschool teacher.

Studies show that physically experiencing learning concepts like Miss Nina offers in Tunes & Tales can increase retention of learning by 90%!


Still have questions? Here are some common ones asked…

What if my child is not able to or prefers not to attend live?

All videos are recorded and will be posted for later viewing so you’ll never miss a class. If your child prefers not to show up live, you can always choose to have the camera or audio off at any time.

Is this program suited for those with special needs?

Yes, absolutely! The curriculum is founded in early learning concepts and popular story books. If your child is working toward mastering these concepts, it could be a great fit! And, as a former professional dancer and movement specialist, Miss Nina skillfully and easily adapts movement activities to the abilities of the participants.

Does this program only include traditional-style folk children's music?

Children will enjoy an infusion of different styles of music when jamming with Miss Nina – some folk but also a blend of current styles of music like kid-centric hip-hop and pop that feels current with the music of today that children enjoy and identify with.

What if we sign up but in the future it no longer works to be a member?

The reoccurring membership fee is billed to you every month for the ongoing programming. Cancel at any time.