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Baby Shark Revisted!

We’re rolling up to Labor Day and the unofficial end-of-summer (marked by the official Back-To-School timing).  I’m vacationing with my family for one last hurrah and am taking a week off from video recording.

But here’s one from last summer that has gotten quite popular on YouTube.  It’s a camp song that has many versions floating around out there.  In this video, I adapted the more, um, violent version into this toddler/preschooler friendly version. That means this version is sans Shark Attack. But I’ve heard that it is great fun for kids of all ages! So here it is, again, Baby Shark. Enjoy!

And enjoy your week! I’ll see you next week with a new video!


1,2,3,4 by Feist – Sesame Street Version

I’m so excited for this week’s video. Two big reasons.

First – Matt Schlatter, guitarist for my band, Miss Nina & The Jumping Jacks, joins me!!! Y’all finally get to meet a Jumping Jack!

And second, I’ve been listening to this song for months now because it is one of Piper’s favorites…ever since watching the DVD “Sesame Street Singing With The Stars”.

And ya know what? We (my husband and I) are not ashamed to admit that we love this song too!!   Not only because it’s a Sesame Street version of the grown up song by Feist, but because the video is just so great.  Feist is wonderful with the all of the characters, playful, and yet serious about the song from start to finish.  If you don’t know what I”m talking about, then please check it out (after you’ve watched our video, of course! :) ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ9WiuJPnNA

Hope you enjoy watching, as much as we enjoyed playing this song for you all.

Have a wonderful week, and see you next time!


Daddy Finger/Finger Family Song

Jackie, James and Elizabeth Heine, this one is for you! Recently requested via email by them, I had no idea that this song even existed. Once I started searching for it I learned just what a popular children’s song it is! Wow! I thought I’d done ‘em all. :)

This is a nice alternative to Where Is Thumbkin, and as I mention in the video, a great opportunity to combine some arts and crafts with music.  I simply went to this page: http://tinyurl.com/o8a7khk and downloaded and printed their finger family sheet.  Easy to color and then tape right to my fingers! If you’re looking for more of an activity then just coloring, you can get an old glove, some pom-poms, google eyes, yarn etc. and go to down making a full hand puppet of a family.  Or anything else you might think of!

And then, get ready to join me in the song.  It’s very simple to learn and quite short – so we do it twice!

Even without any kind of hand decorating, it’s a fun song to sing and play along with.  Enjoy and I’ll see you next time!


The Banana Song

Although I know the kids will love this one, I certainly had my “what am I DOING??!!!” moments while making this video.  I mean, it’s just silly.  Super silly.  And one must go way over the top silly if one is going to stand in a room by themselves and do this song.

So, I humbly ask that you get up, with your kids, and join me in this ridiculously silly song/dance.

I won’t ask you to not judge me – I judge me! :) But perhaps if you do it too we’ll all just smile a little bigger today.

Aba Daba Honeymoon

So, this is one of those “kids’ songs” that’s not entirely a kid song.  It’s often sited as “Debbie Reynolds” song – she did sing it in a movie musical,  but actually, it was written and published way before that in 1914.  I knew it from hearing my best friend and her mom sing it to each other.  I always remembered (and loved) the first couple of lines, but not sure I ever really knew the whole song.  So – I was excited to learn it for the video show!

What makes it appealing to kids, thus a “kids song”?  In my opinion, it’s the first couple of lines: “Aba Daba Daba Daba…”,the fact that it’s about a monkey and a chimpanzee, and that it’s a love story wherein the two said primates get married by a Baboon.  And then, the tune is just fun!

My version in the video is a bit slowed down from the original – you know, since I just learned it and all.  But hopefully you and your kids will find it just as enjoyable!