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Ba-Rump Returns!

We continue my summer vacation with a video from about 4 years ago. I was within the first 6 months of doing the video show, and while working on a lesson plan for my class I had stumbled upon this song/chant. But I only had a copy of the words and had never heard it. So, I took to the internet and inevitably ended up on YouTube searching for this song and found various, delightful versions.

I ended up with this one, and loved it so much, I recorded it and put it on my 2013 album ‘Sha Do Be Doop”.  You can find it HERE.

This is a fun, silly, sing-along, move-along song for everyone to enjoy. Have fun and I’ll see you next Tuesday!!!



Skinnamarink A Dinky Dink, Skinnamarinky Doo – I Love You!

All right! As you may have heard from my Facebook Page or my Twitter feed – Piper caught the dreaded Coxsackie virus and I completely lost track of the days. It wasn’t until midday on Tuesday that I thought “OMG! It’s Tuesday! I totally missed posting my video and sending out my email!”

So – here we are – with another rerun (in case you missed it, I’m taking August off from video making but will be back after labor day with some fun new updates). This is Skinnamarik – super sweet love song with fun motions. And this video I recorded back in August of 2012. Wow! Time sure does fly….

Enjoy the video! And if you’re in NJ be sure and com see me and Jason Didner this Saturday, August 27th, 4:30 pm at Crossroads! Here’s the link for more info and to buy tickets: TICKETS & INFO

Enjoy the video and you week and hope to see you soon!


Miss NIna

Hokey Pokey!

Hello there!

We’re still in the midst of our summer break from making new videos. But I just got back from a week’s beach vacation with my family – and I feel gooooooood!

While I was there, Facebook gave me one of those “memories” from 4 year ago. It was the memory of this video that I made with my niece, Marissa (who just turned 12!!!!), at the same place where we just spent the week.

So many things aligning, it seems like it’s the perfect video for me to share with you this week. So – let’s have some fun with the Hokey Pokey!

Slippery Fish

I’m on vacation with my family right now, and if I could, I would hang a sign on my website saying “Gone Fishin'”! Okay – so I’m not actually fishing. But I’m spending a lot of time near and in the ocean – so close enough! 🙂

Being near the ocean is making me think of this song, “Slippery Fish”. A fun, move along song with a big burp at the end. What could be better?! Lol!

*And just a little reminder that I’m taking a break this August from making new videos, but will be back in action in September for you.

Enjoy this video and your week!




Summer Vacation: Down By The Bay by Raffi

Hello there, dear friends! Happy August!

It’s been a very busy Spring & Summer for me! And so I’m taking August for time to relax, recharge and regroup. That means I’m going to take a break from making videos for the entire month! But don’t worry – I won’t leave you video-less. 🙂 I’ll be re-running some past favorites for you for the next few weeks.

Today we start with “Down By the Bay” by Raffi. Just a good old silly, fun song that makes me think of summer. So it seemed like a great choice!

Enjoy and I’ll be back next Tuesday with another fun re-run for you!


Miss Nina