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It’s that time of year! I have a couple of fun songs in the upcoming weeks, but with Thanksgiving approaching I wanted to put this one out there again.

I originally published this video in December of 2012 – and it had an intro of me, pregnant Nina with a cold, introducing it and explaining that I had a cold, blah blah blah. I was dressed differently and without my guitar and then the video transitioned to this song.

The introduction went on for well over a minute and then I finally got to the song. Snooze!

So, I just attempted a little re-editing via YouTube to just show you the song. The beginning and end are a little jumpy – but the song is fully in tact.

This song, Grateful, is on my album Sha Doo Be Doop which can be purchased on iTunes & Amazon and on other online outlets.

I love this song – it’s my prayer.  Two things can turn around my day in a positive way, in a a quick moment: dancing and gratitude.

We’re never to young to practice it and learn it’s power. So, please enjoy this song!

And I amn SO grateful to all of you have contributed so far to the Miss Nina IndieGoGo campaign and pre-bought the new album!!! THANK YOU! We’re 31% funded with 25 days to go. If you haven’t ordered your copy or your Miss Nina personal FaceTime session, you can do it now! Here’s the link:




Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and week! I’ll see you next Tuesday!!!


Miss Nina


Birthday Bliss!

Happy Birthday to Me!

This past Friday was my Birthday and as synchronicity/luck/fate would have it, it was serendipitously the day of my photo shoot for this new album “Every Day’s Your Birthday”.   (Head on over to the IndieGoGo Campaign Page to pre-order your copy!! )

Now, this album’s message is NOT  simply “eat cake every day”.  I mean, sure, that’s one way to live like every day’s your birthday. But really the idea came from my own experience of realizing that it seems silly to wait for one day a year, or one occasion to treat yourself well. Or make it only one day a year when you say “Well, I’m just not gonna let anything bother me today because it’s my birthday.” And wait, 364 days to wear that one pair of fancy earrings that makes you feel great.

Why not treat yourself well every day? Why not find the bright side, decide to have a great attitude and dress your best every day and have a ball?! Why not celebrate every moment of your Life just because?!


And so, truly, it is no coincidence that I ended up having my photo shoot with Wendy K. Yalom. Talk about celebrating oneself! I can’t even begin to explain what a high it was. Between having someone truly get who I am, and what my album is about and able to capture it through her photograph, as well as having everything about the day being all about what was most pleasant and pleasurable for us, was phenomenal. (Not to mention having my hair and make-up exquisitely done by Jacqueline Menconi!)

An moreover, what was so fun, was that Love ruled the day! Hearts were everywhere!  From my jewelry to this fantastic wall that was one of the backgrounds for the photos – love was all around!


With guitar in hand, and Wendy snapping away, color hearts abounding…it seemed fitting that I’d break into one of my new songs from the album Colors Of You: “I love all the colors of you: red, green, yellow, orange, purple and blue!”  This wall and me were made for each other! LOL!

Magical. The day was Simply magical. And what you see in the photos above is the smallest taste. I’m looking so forward to sharing these new photos with you, and getting this album finished and out to the world!  I just need a little help and then we’re done! Check out the IndieGoGo Page for more info on how to help with the completion costs and all the fun stuff I have for you over there!

Thank you so much for your support!  And now let me serenade YOU with this video of Colors Of You:

Here Is a Bunny

Hello Friends!

Thanks for stopping by to check out this week’s video!

And be sure and stop by http://igg.me/at/missnina to visit the IndieGoGo Campaign to help me raise the money to finish the new Miss Nina & The Jumping Jacks album “Every Day’s Your Birthday”!

If you can, Pre-order the album, or schedule a Skype/FaceTime session with me for the Holidays through the campaign. That will help me make my goal & finish the album – and your little one reaps the benefits!

And now, back to our regularly schedule video – lol! :)

This week’s video is a cute little rhyme that can be done as a finger play or as a stand-up-move-along activity. I do both! Here’s the words so you can jump in and teach your little one:

Here is a bunny

with ears so funny

and here is a hole

big and round.

At the first sound he hears

he picks up his ears

and hops right into the ground!


Enjoy the video & your week and I’ll see you next time!


Miss Nina


5 Little Pumpkins!

Here’s my favorite Halloween-time song: 5 Little Pumpkins!

A couple of years ago I started doing this at my weekly sing-along in Park Slope and ended up turning it into the call & response song that it is in this video.  So many people liked it that, yep, we recorded it and it will be on the next album! And yes, that album IS coming out, we’re finishing it up an it’ll be released in April of 2016!!

In the meantime, check out the video! :)  We chant it and sing it a couple of times…it’s a whole lot of Pumpkin fun!! Enjoy and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


1, 2, Buckle My Shoe…..Kid-Hop!

If I hadn’t had so many challenges in getting this video completed and uploaded, I’d write a lovely little blog post about it. However, it’s waaaaaaaay past this Mama’s bedtime so I’m just gonna post it here and let you enjoy it. :)

Yep – it’s 1, 2, Buckle My Shoe to a hip-hop beat.  Count, rhyme, rap & dance along with me!