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Online Sing-alongs for LLS!

I’m a Mom-In-Training!
I’ve joined the Lymphoma Leukemia Society’s Moms-In-Training in my area, and we are training for a 10K Run (or jog or walk.. :) )  to raise money to fight cancer.  The motto for Moms in Training is: “Meet moms, get in shape & fight cancer”. How great is that? We’l be running the 10K in NYC on June 11th (Yikes!)
The Miss Nina Weekly Video Show began as a way to entertain a young friend of mine who was spending her days at the Oncology Unit of her hospital – so this is very close to my heart.
While we train our bodies for the run, we’re also fundraising for LLS – and I thought there’s no better way for me to fundraise than a bunch of Online Sing-alongs!
Here’s the details:

  • Tuesday, April 26th at 4 pm on Concert Window
  • Tuesday, May 3 at 11 am on Concert Window
  • Tuesday, May 10th 2:30 pm on Concert Window
It’s simply $10 to join and all the proceeds (after Concert Window takes their percentage) will go toward my fundraising goal of $500! 
If you’d like more info, feel free to visit my fundraising page and ready my story.

If All Of The Raindrops

Hello there!

I’ve got a new video for you this week. (Finally! ; ) )

I’ve done a verse of this song before, but sandwiched between other songs like the sing-along medley from my first album or in the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

But I’ve never done this Barney classic by itself. So today, here it is with two verses – the one about the raindrops and the one about the sunbeams.  With Spring here at last, I decided to leave out snowflake verse – LOL!

Enjoy! And if you’re in the DC area, come out to Jammin Java this weekend for some sing-along fun with me! Mommy Nearest has named my show one of the Top Ten things to do in and around DC this April!

Find tickets by clicking HERE!

Welcome Back, Baby Shark!

Hello friends!

I’m back from an amazing weekend at KindieComm! The annual industry event for independent artists who make music for kids and families. Whew! I drove down down with Piper and managed to squeeze in a visit with my family and a solid 36 hours of panels, networking, socializing and live shows! It was AMAZING and I am TIRED!

Suffice it to say…. I don’t have a new video for you this week. But I do have the ever popular and loved Baby Shark:

It’s super easy to sing-along and move- along to! And I made it very kid friendly by omitting the Shark Attack – LOL!

Enjoy! Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you or your kids at a show next week in Maplewood, Brooklyn or PHILADELPHIA!!

Spring Fever & Roly Poly Caterpillars!

I’ve got Spring Fever!

It may be a little early in the season for the metamorphosis of caterpillars to butterflies – but that doesn’t mean we can’t start talking about it, right?

When I was teaching, I loved Spring because I had a whole series of lesson plans derived from Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. And this is one of the rhymes we would use at circle time.

It’s typically just a “finger play”, but you know me – I like to move! So now it’s both a fine motor and gross motor activity. So – let’s do it! Click the photo to get this caterpillar party started! :)


Spring Time Videos!

Hello there, Friends!

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Had a fantastic time yesterday (Monday) evening on the radio!

It was so exciting – I’ve never been live, on the radio before. The wonderful and charming Paul Butler invited me and Marc Bazerman (producer of Every Day’s Your Birthday, and Baze of Baze & His Silly Friends) onto his show, Kids Crossroads on WFDU talk about the making of the album. We were live last night, but you can hear the whole show by clicking HERE.

He played some of my new songs, some of my old songs and we got to chat a whole bunch. We’re on for the first hour of the show.

Busy as I was – I didn’t get to record a brand new video for you – but I still have a whole heap of video fun for you! A Springtime Playlist! 8 consecutive videos for you:

  1. Bringing Home A Baby Bumble Bee
  2. John The Rabbit + Egg Shaker Craft  (fun for Easter!)
  3. The Green Grass Grows All Around (with Joanie Leeds!)
  4. Shoo Fly
  5. 5 Green & Speckled Frogs
  6. Ba-Rump
  7. Old MacDonald
  8. You Are My Sunshine


Just click play and they’ll all play, one after another.

Have a wonderful day – and Happy Spring!