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Ten In The Bed

Okay – I know I say this all the time but, I LOVED this song when I was a little girl.  I don’t even fully know why.  I just loved the rhythm of it, and the tune, and how it just kept chugging along. It was so fun to sing.  This was one of those songs we’d sing on car trips or when we (my sisters and my cousins) were hanging out and we’d decide to sing songs.  Funny to think that we’d just do that. We’d just all start singing camp songs together as a thing to do. Oh nostalgia!

Anyhow – this is a really easy song to learn, and is not just a “numbers” song, but introduces a subtraction as so many of these children’s number songs do.

And although it’s repetitive, I promise that it goes by really fast. :)


Suzi Shelton’s “Smile In My Heart”


I’m so excited to have Suzi back for another video team up!

You remember Suzi, right?

Well, Suzi is wrapping up her Kickstarter Campaign for her new CD “Smile In My Heart”, and she came over last week to sing the title song with me for my video!

Recording music is expensive business, which is why so many of us have started  fundraising via Kickstarter to help with costs. And I love to support my fellow artist-colleague-friends in reaching their goals!  So, if you’d also like to help Suzi in reaching her goal, simply pre-order her CD through her Kickstarter Campaign.  It’s a total Win/Win situation: you get great family music, and Suzi gets closer to her goal!

Ready to  hear that title song?!  Well, just hit play on the video!

Thanks for watching, for your support and I’ll see you next week!



“Smile In My Heart”


Encore: I’ve Been Working On The Railroad

Hello there!

I’ve had such a busy week, traveling around the area performing, that I’ve had no time to make a new video this week.

So, time for an encore presentation! And as I was perusing my videos, I found that YouTube has this video, “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad” marked as “FEATURED” and it’s in a YouTube created playlist of children’s songs, along with my version of “Snuggle Puppy.” Pretty cool, huh?

So, I hope you’ll enjoy this blast from the Miss Nina past, and I look forward to bringing you a brand new video next week.



Here We Go Looby Loo!

If you’re kid loves the Hokey Pokey, then they are going to love this song!

I’d been holding out on doing this one for a while, hoping I’d get a niece or two to do it with me during a family get-together. But now that I have a child of my own, the freedom I once had at said get-togethers  is not, well, so free anymore!

So, I decided to go it alone.

One of the motions to do in this song, is to walk, march or dance while going around in a circle.  For our youngest friends, you might want to put some masking tape on the floor in the shape of a circle and have them walk on it to get the idea.

And of course, I kept the lyric “all on Saturday night” in…but feel free to change it to whatever day of the week you’re enjoying this song on!

Have a great time, a wonderful week, and I’ll see ya soon!


The Ants Go Marching….

I have a vivid memory of being at my cousin’s house and him playing this song on his record player over and over and over again.

Well – it is catchy, I must admit.

I don’t know if it’s the military/marching vibe or the bass walk build up between each verse but it really does have a feeling of ceremony or purpose.  I figured your child would love marching around to this as much as my cousin did (and, okay, I liked it too!)

Counting and marching – what could be better?!

Enjoy and I’ll see you next time!