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Little Red Caboose

Okay, so it’s another song that I came across while watching videos with Piper. :) And I couldn’t get it out of my head, I found it so catchy.  I’m sure I heard it while growing up, I just can’t place where or when exactly.

In any case,  it’s just such a fun little tune to sing. If you search the web you’ll find several variations of this song with multiple verses. But the main part of the song “Little Red Caboose….” is always the same. So in my version we stick to that, with the exception of two lines somewhere in the middle. But I wanted to be sure to sing it through several time because I know the kids just love to sing-along and move-along to this one.

So…..join me! Here’s the lyrics:

Little Red Caboose (chug chug chug), Little Red Caboose (chug chug chug)
Little Red Caboose behind the train.
Smoke stack on it’s back back back back
Coming down the track track track track
Little Red Caboose Behind the Train!

Enjoy the video and have a wonderful week!



Down On Grandpa’s Farm

I discovered this little ditty while watching Barney with Piper the other day. A cute animal sounds song similar to Old MacDonald, but nice to have as an alternative.

Today we’ll have some fun making the sounds of a big brown cow, a wooly white sheep, a little yellow duck, and a sleepy kitty cat. :) Of course, I have to throw one silly thing in there, right?

Enjoy the video and thanks for watching!


“It’s Time For Brown Bear….” – Again!

Hey Friends!

Oh, it’s been such a busy back-to-school, back-to-work, back-to-everything time around here…. on top of which, Miss Nina & The Jumping Jacks have our first-out-of-town show at World Cafe Live in Wilmington, Delaware this coming Saturday, September 20th!

All of that plus mommy-hood has Miss Nina a little overextended and so I was unable to make and edit a fresh, new video for you this week. So, I thought, why  not share my most popular song/YouTube video with you all?

I’m so happy that The Brown Bear Rap has found it’s way into you and your children’s hears, minds and homes. I love getting your emails and comments about how much your children love this song and how it’s helped them learn to read. So please enjoy it again! Share it with friends, if you’d like, and you can always download the mp3 of The Brown Bear Rap on iTunes & Amazon, too!

And lastly, for any of you in the Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland area (and beyond!) who would like to make the trip to see us in Delaware this weekend, be sure to:


Wishing you all a wonderful week, and I’ll be back with a new video for you soon…


Hey Brooklyn! Love Jac’s Art Classes OPEN NOW!

Brooklyn Friends!!

 I wanted to let you know that my friend Jackie, of Love Jac Cards, will be teaching a fabulous art class for your little ones this fall.  Brooklyn Arts & Crafts is located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  Each week they focus on a famous artist by creating an age-appropriate craft highlighting that artist. They keep things moving with songs, books, play-doh time, and a color of the day each week. Plus, your little one will make a card that you can mail to a loved one. (Grandparents love this!)  If you’re interested you can CLICK HERE for more information about the class and how to sign up!

Check out the video above for her promo video of her art classes, or the one below which is a How To for making Mother’s Day cards that she made with her daughter, Georgia

If you haven’t noticed by now, Jackie is my favorite designer.  Everything she touches becomes art in the coolest and most original way – whether it’s instagram photos or making Miss Nina shirts for her kids! – and it seems to come to and from her with such ease.

She’s the artist behind my logo, my pink guitar tattoos, my stickers and coloring pages, thank you notes (all items you can see on the Miss Nina Birthday Party Promo Trailer, and for sale on this website very soon!)

So – Sign up for her class! You’ll have a fantastic experience!

The Beehive

A simple and fun spoken, finger-play that includes rhyming, counting and buzzing!

Great for our little friends who are learning to count, and to use their fingers to count on (it’s so tricky!).

And, it’s fun to be a little bit expressive.  As I’m learning from my toddler, any excuse to put your hands out and lift your shoulders as if to say “where is it” is a good time…..and so this should be just that! :)

Enjoy the video!  See you next time….