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Aba Daba Honeymoon

So, this is one of those “kids’ songs” that’s not entirely a kid song.  It’s often sited as “Debbie Reynolds” song – she did sing it in a movie musical,  but actually, it was written and published way before that in 1914.  I knew it from hearing my best friend and her mom sing it to each other.  I always remembered (and loved) the first couple of lines, but not sure I ever really knew the whole song.  So – I was excited to learn it for the video show!

What makes it appealing to kids, thus a “kids song”?  In my opinion, it’s the first couple of lines: “Aba Daba Daba Daba…”,the fact that it’s about a monkey and a chimpanzee, and that it’s a love story wherein the two said primates get married by a Baboon.  And then, the tune is just fun!

My version in the video is a bit slowed down from the original – you know, since I just learned it and all.  But hopefully you and your kids will find it just as enjoyable!


The Little Turtle

I just learned this one today while searching YouTube for videos for Piper to watch. :) We happened upon the videos by the Mother Goose Playhouse, and this was one of many we watched today.  I found it to be very cute, but short.  So in my video today, are do it twice to double our fun!

It’s a chant and a “finger play” with lots of fun motions.  The most fun one, though, is the very last.  Check out the video and you’ll see what I mean. :)

Enjoy your week and I’ll see you next time!


I’m A Little Teapot/I’m a Little Fish

A blast from the past this week!  With preparation for a few local gigs this week, my time has been limited and I did not get to make a new video.  So here’s a rerun from almost exactly two years ago.

I remember making this one well.  I was eight weeks pregnant and wondering if anyone could tell.  !!! The answer to that is clearly “no”. (I’d do just about anything if I could get back to my eight-weeks-pregnant look again! :) )

All that aside – I remembered this video today while teaching a class the other version of this song “I’m A Little Fish”.  Both versions are in the video – the classic and the summertime one.

I recall doing this song over and over again when I learned it at preschool.  I simply adored it.  I hope your kids do, too!

Enjoy this week’s “encore” and I’ll see you next week with another video!


Six Little Ducks

I feel so lucky when I find a great, popular children’s song – that I’ve never heard before!

I’ve heard variations on Five Little Ducks, and perhaps I’ve even heard this one, but got it confused with the other because of the similar tune (and subject!).  But either way  I felt like I struck gold this week, because what a cute song! We get to do a whole lot of quacking, and get to say “wibble wobble wobble wobble” a few times.  Does it get any better? :)

Enjoy the video and feel free to quack along.


The Noble Duke Of York

This is another song that falls on the “Really? I didn’t do this one already?” list.

I learned it ages ago when I was a Gymboree teacher, and of all the activity songs we learned and used, it was always one of my favorites.

The rhythm and medley are catchy, but it’s the fun of going up, down, half-way up and even side-to-side that are so much fun. At Gymboree this song was party of the “lap ride” portion of the class (kids sit on their parents laps/knees and and get bounced around and moved according to the song).  In today’s video, I’ve done it so that your kiddo (or you!) can have fun while sitting in a chair.

Enjoy the video and the upcoming holiday weekend! See you next time.