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Up On The Housetop

Happy Holidays!

It’s that wonderful time, gift-giving, family visiting, holiday time of the year.

Whatever you celebrate I hope you’re enjoying the season so far.

We like to celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah in our home.

So this week, I’m starting the celebrating on the Miss Nina Weekly Video Show with one of my favorite songs from my preschool years: Up On The Housetops.

I can still remember sitting in the circle of my preschool rom, with rhythm sticks and just waiting for the “click click click” to click my sticks.

With that much love and fond memories of this song, I’m not sure why I haven’t done it on the show yet. Nevertheless – here it is! Grab your rhythm sticks, jingle bells or some something to make music with and join us in this Christmas Sing-Along!

Have a great week and see you next time!


Color Song: Red & Yellow, Green & Blue


Hey there!

Miss Nina went dark last week – had no internet service since….we moved the day after Thanksgiving!

It was a whirlwind and last Tuesday came and went before I realized it was Tuesday, the day for my video.

But we’re settling in now and I’m regaining my brain. :) In today’s video you’ll catch a glimpse of our new Den. Not sure that it will be the permanent locale of the weekly video, but it worked for today!

And so, this week I have for you a simple color song. To the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle we get to explore the colors of the rainbow: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange & Purple.

A simple song, but fun for color identification. Grab something rainbow colored of your child’s or take a moment and make one on paper with some crayons and then join me for this song.

Thanks, as always, for watching and I’ll see you next week!


The Muffin Man

Always a catchy tune, this little ditty can be great fun for exploring your own neighborhood or town, and creating a feeling of community for  your child.

In my version today I sing about the Muffin Man, The Fruit Stand Lady and the Bagel Boys.  But be sure and talk to your child about who else they see in the  neighborhood or town regularly, and that they might like sing about. :)

And if you’re not familiar with this song, don’t worry, you’ll pick it up very easily! :)



ABCs – The Alphabet Song!

While watching our umpteenth video of the ABC song today with Piper I thought “Hey, I’ve never done just a straight ABCs video!”

I did that one where I do a medley of Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep and the ABCs, and then there’s the video of my original song “The New Alphabet” (both can be found on YouTube and on this blog (from 2012) – but never just the good ol’ ABCs.  And I’m also learning, as mom of a toddler who enjoys videos, the more repetition of the song in the video, the better.

So – here it is, The Alphabet Song, a.k.a, ABCD, a.k.a. The ABCs – four times. Three fast, one slow and with a bunch of la, la las in between. Hope you enjoy it as much as Piper’s been enjoying her ABCs!


How Much Is That Doggie In The Window


I heard this song throughout my childhood from two main sources. One was my Uncle Roger’s “Golden Oldies” cassette tape that was in regular rotation on our beach trips, and the second was at nearly every dance recital I was in.  And I was in A LOT of dance recitals. Although, I never did this particular song when I was a little girl, I fondly remember watching a stageful of little girls wagging their “waggly tails” to this song.

I’ve though about performing this song for the video show several times, and for one reason or another never did. Until now.

It’s a catchy tune, easy to learn, and your kids get to pretend they are dogs. Win/Win. :)

Enjoy and see you next time!