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Roly Poly

Back when I was a Gymboree Play & Music teacher, this one was a favorite of the little ones.

I’ve jazzed it up a bit to add a little energy. :)

It’s easy to sing and easy to follow along to, addresses early childhood concepts of in and out, up and down, etc. and works a some gross motor skills.

And of course, it’s just fun to say roly poly a lot.

Enjoy the video and have a great week!


Blast From The Past!

Hey Friends!

So much happening!! I’ve been songwriting, meeting and rehearsing with my band, and getting ready to go into the studio THIS WEEKEND!! We can hardly wait!

Life is really great with all of that happening a well as lots of Miss Nina Birthday Party performances, playgroups, live performances, online sing-alongs and, of course, motherhood. :)

The only downside is that this week I was left little time for recording a video for you. But I know that this one is a well loved one from @ 3 years back…so thought I’d share it again. The ever popular Twinkle Twinkle/Baa Baa Black Sheep/ABCs medley.

Enjoy it! And stay tuned….I’ve got so much fun stuff coming for you in the next few months – I can’t wait to share it all with you!!


Miss Nina

This Little (Boogie Woogie) Piggy

Hey there!

So – a little finger play for you. Which, of course, is usually done on a little ones toes….but trust me, you do not want to see my feet up there on your video screen! So I do it on my fingers in the video. :)

I’m keeping it short and sweet today…. It’s a little late, and I’ve got to get that Tuesday email ready for y’all!

So enjoy the video – the boogie woogie version of This Little Piggy, and I’ll see you next week!


Miss  Nina

Stand Up and Pinch Your Nose!

Well, it certainly is fun to write a command as a blog post title!

So – here’s a fun sing-along, move along song from Sesame Street’s 2004 DVD “Sing Along”.

Although I grew up watching Sesame Street, I had never heard this song until we (Piper and I) watched this DVD.

It delighted us both, so ever since I’d wanted to use it of the video show. And today’s the day!

It’s a simple, follow along, song that everyone will enjoy doing. So click play and join me!


The Snow-Key Pokey!

As we brace for Snowmaggedon 2015 here in the North East of the USA, I figured there was no better time to do the Snow-key Pokey.

Yep – that’s a winter themed Hokey Pokey. Put on your coats and hats, scarves, mittens and boots and join me! A fun way to celebrate the snow without having to go outside and brave the blizzard! ;)

And if you’re seeing this post on Monday night 1/26 or the morning of 1/27 -

I’ll be holding a live Online Sing-Along at 10:30 am EST on Tuesday 1/27 on Concert Window. Pay-what-you-like, grab a shaker, your kids and let’s have some fun! Here’s the link to join: https://www.concertwindow.com/missnina

Stay warm and safe wherever you are & have a great week!