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ABCs – The Alphabet Song!

While watching our umpteenth video of the ABC song today with Piper I thought “Hey, I’ve never done just a straight ABCs video!”

I did that one where I do a medley of Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep and the ABCs, and then there’s the video of my original song “The New Alphabet” (both can be found on YouTube and on this blog (from 2012) – but never just the good ol’ ABCs.  And I’m also learning, as mom of a toddler who enjoys videos, the more repetition of the song in the video, the better.

So – here it is, The Alphabet Song, a.k.a, ABCD, a.k.a. The ABCs – four times. Three fast, one slow and with a bunch of la, la las in between. Hope you enjoy it as much as Piper’s been enjoying her ABCs!


How Much Is That Doggie In The Window


I heard this song throughout my childhood from two main sources. One was my Uncle Roger’s “Golden Oldies” cassette tape that was in regular rotation on our beach trips, and the second was at nearly every dance recital I was in.  And I was in A LOT of dance recitals. Although, I never did this particular song when I was a little girl, I fondly remember watching a stageful of little girls wagging their “waggly tails” to this song.

I’ve though about performing this song for the video show several times, and for one reason or another never did. Until now.

It’s a catchy tune, easy to learn, and your kids get to pretend they are dogs. Win/Win. :)

Enjoy and see you next time!


Grandma’s Spectacles

Here’s a fun one that I recently learned. And although I haven’t done it in a class setting yet, I know your kids will really enjoy it because there is all kinds of early childhood fun here! From concepts like big and little, to having fun with low and high voices, to imaginary play/make-believe and more.

This one is easy to learn, easy to do and easy to remember. So – get your little one and hit play!

Enjoy and I’ll “see” you next week. xoxo

Five Little Pumpkins – with Tap Dancing!


I did my version of this preschool classroom favorite last year around this time.   It’s a great “Halloween” song for the preschool set because it’s festive, but not overly scary. I generally focus on pumpkins during Halloween – keeps it fun and festive for the young ones. They can enjoy the scary stuff somewhere down the line.

Anyhow! I really loved doing this song last year and wanted to do it a gain – but  in a new way. Also, I’ve been wanting to tap dance in one of my videos for quite some time. So – voila! This video happened – Five Little Pumpkins + tap dancings = Halloween Fun! Time for a very Tappy Halloween.

If your child loves tap dancing already, then they will love this. If they’ve never seen tap dancing before, they’ll probably love it to. I’ve got to extend huge thanks to my husband for the suggestions that completely improved this video in every way. I love you, Mister Nina!

I hope you enjoy this, yet another, spin on Five Little Pumpkins. We’re still a couple of weeks away, but I wish you a Happy, Tappy Halloween!


Open, Shut Them

It’s been one of those super busy weeks, so in lieu of a new video, I’m posting a blast from the past.  (The “past” being about 2 1/2 years ago. :) )  And once again, a song choice inspired by Piper.

At the time of this video, Piper was about the size of a sweet potato in my belly, but currently at 19 months this song is one of her favorites.

It’s a great song for early childhood because it focuses on simple opposing concepts, and engages children’s gross and fine motor skills in a simple way that they can easily master. Both physically and verbally!

So….check it out! Enjoy and I will see you next week.