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For Video Show Fans!


Colors Of You – Miss Nina Original!

Often, when I can’t find a song that works for my curriculum, I write one.

I like to do a unit on Colors. All Colors. I supposed i could focus on one color at a time, but for the short attention span of the young ones, I find it better for all if we talk about all of the colors.  It’s hard to talk about one without bringing up all of the others, right?!

So, I’ve often had trouble finding a color or rainbow songs.  There’s a few standard good ones….but I needed something more. And so, I wrote Colors Of You. An exploration of colors and color idioms.

If you’ve got a very young child, simply identifying the colors I sing will be enough. If you’ve got an older preschooler, you might enjoy a discussion about idioms and this will be a fun jumping off point.

This song will be on the upcoming album – however in that arrangement we’ve got Jumping Jack Matt playing Ukulele, Jumping Jack Nate, our drummer, playing the spoons, and Jumping Jack Joan on bass, and me on goals.

If you want to get this song – you can! You can pre-order it, or our whole album over at my Kickstarter Page: http://kck.st/1RVPqFb

Lotsa fun stuff there, video fans, including 15 or 30 minute Miss Nina Video Playlists for download, one-on-one 10 – 15 minute musical FaceTime or Skype with me….and a bunch more!

Thanks so much for your help and support – see you next week!



Kickstart Miss Nina’s Album #3

Super exciting day! We’ve officially launched the Kickstarter Campaign for my third Album titled “Everyday’s Your Birthday”!!

As you may (or may not) know, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site – a way of funding projects through community.

This album is half way finished, but to get it completed and into your hands, on your listening devices and in your ears, I need your help!

You can donate any amount you’d like. As a thank you – I’ve got a whole bunch of fun rewards for you. Everything from digital downloads and physical copies of the new CD to Private Online Concerts, Live Performances and even my former Hot Pink Acoustic-Electric Guitar!

AND we’ve got the super exciting some original, Kickstarter Exclusive, artist prints of me and the band! Here’s two that are available this week with more to come. One by Charles Forsman:


And this one by Mike Cavallaro:

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.53.22 PM

How cool are these??!!

And of course, we’ve got poster prints of the original Album Art by Diana Schoenbrun:


I’m so excited about all of this!!!  But especially about the new music I have for you and your families. This campaign runs for 30 days, so I’ll be sharing with you more about the music, videos & photos from behind-the-scenes as well as more fun rewards along the way.

Of course, the trick is with Kickstarter – if we don’t reach our goal, we don’t get ANY of the money. (If you pledge today, your donation won’t be charged to your card until we’ve reached out goal. If we don’t reach it, you won’t be charged.)

So – help me rally the troops! Please share my Kickstarter campaign and this video via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other way you like to share. Use the hashtag #MissNina when sharing on social media.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates!

Thank you so so much for your unending support! Looking forward to sharing this new music with you!


Miss Nina

Alice The Camel

Can we call it Throw Back Tuesday?

Cause we’re going back to a very pregnant Miss Nina with this video, Alice The Camel.

We’re super busy here at Miss Nina headquarters, recording, organizing, and gearing up for the Kickstarter for Album #3….so while we’re editing we’re treating you to a rerun. :)

This song is a great counting (and subtraction) song, has a fun rhythm and melody….and be sure to stick around for the punchline at the end!

And yes – I wanna see you moving your hips and shoulder stop the “bum bum bums”! Deal?!

All right – enjoy the video and I’ll see you next week with lots of exciting things to share.


Miss Nina