Music & Movement for Early Learning & Literacy


Hi! I’m Miss Nina, and award-winning chilren’s music artist, music & movement specialist, educator and entertainer.

I’m passionate about using music & movement for learning and believe that using the VARK modalities – visual, auditory, reading/writing  & kinetic – helps children and adults alike be fully present, embody learning and have FUN while doing it! 

I find that music and movement helps with overcoming barriers to learning. Those barriers can be anything – simple boredeom, social/emotional challenges, physical or mental limitations – or trying to learn and experience connection during a Global Pandemic! 

If you’re looking for fun, engaging music & movement that also helps children’s and special needs friends of all ages to learn and connect with others – you’ve come to the right place!

Below are the sorts of ways you can join me in the fun! 

Here’s what they’re saying about Miss Nina….

 The most impressive thing to me is the way your songs based on books make the children even love the book more and foster an appreciation for reading.  And I like the physical aspect of songs like Spinning Statues because my kids really put forth a lot of energy when they hear this song.

Also I think the children really get your positive relationship with music.  You are so positive and your appearance is fun and happy ..

Erin S.

Mom to Izzy & Miles, Playgroup Participant

 My 2 1/2 year old daughter is OBSESSED with you. We listen or watch you every day and you have no idea what a hero you are to us… Not just to Mara but my husband and I too. You’ve kept her awake in the car, helped her eat meals and you’ve kept her calm during medical procedures (Mara has epilepsy). She impersonates you when she plays guitar and soon I will get a video for you. Her little brother Neil is starting to get into it too!  Anyway, just wanted to say thank you.

Emily W.

The best thing you can say about any performer is that their passion is contagious. The dictotomy of entertaining the youngest of the young is that they are easy to amuse but you can’t alienate the parents by being insufferably cute or infantile. Miss Nina walks that fine line of rousting the fervor of children without rustling the feathers of the elders of their flocks.  EVERY DAY’S YOUR BIRTHDAY is a Brady Bunch-esque romp in the playground that the under-6 set will find enchanting and intoxicating.

Jeff Cohen

Mr. Jeff 2000

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