You guys: I have barely been on Social Media this summer. 


And I don’t know whether to apologize for that or feel proud about it! LOL!   


I have oodles of photos of all the fun stuff we’ve done, places we’ve visited, cool gigs I’ve played that I’ve taken with the intention of posting about it all. And I feel like I SHOULD be posting more because, like, “everyone” tells you that Social Media is supposed to be so good for business and reaching one’s audience, etc. etc.  Right?


I mean, I was a pretty earlier adopter of the video platform – and I could have leveraged that into being a total mom “influencer”.



And yet, I just didn’t.

I could argue – and I often do, with myself! –  that I need to be on social media. I mean, here I have a business and brand that YouTube helped to build! And now video is everywhere – so I should be on there more, in all the ways, doing all the videos (all the “stories” on all the sites) – learning the latest and figuring out how to best utilize it! 


And yet…..I just don’t want to.




I mean, I’ve had a delicious, delightful, active, fun summer with Piper and Tucker and my family and friends – and I’ve barely posted about any of it. 


But you know what?  I FEEL fantastic. And I know Piper FEELS loved and that we had a great summer. So I guess I’m just sort of writing out, here, that I’m more into real life than my online presence, right now, which is why you may not have seen so much of me this summer.


And really – I guess it makes sense. If you’ve been a long time viewer/subscriber, you know that I’m all about in-person connection and helping you to use music and movement in your life to enrich the learning and love of the little ones around you. I’d rather that we all be out there singing and dancing and moving and grooving together and miss posting about it because we were all having so much fun in the moment. 


So, that’s the meandering of my brain today. I apologize for being absent from the online world this summer and not with you as much – but I’m not sorry! 😉


So for you this week – here’s a fun fingerplay to get present in real life with your little ones, have some fun, connect and  work on fine motor skills, the concepts of up and down, some early math concepts, rhythm, rhyme and repetition (the last three all help with speech development!). This rhyme is called 10 Little Horses:


This one is great for moving along and having fun with your little ones in every age and stage. For the toddlers and preschoolers, follow along with the video and do it as is.

For the babies, you can do this one for them while they lie on their backs and watch. your hands. And when the horses “gallop up and they gallop down” you can “gallop” your finger on the babies tummies for some tactile stimulation and giggles! 🙂

And if you have older kids, you can make this a gross motor activity (and dramatic play) splitting them up into two groups of five horses, and have them work on their galloping as well as working together as a group and follow the directions of up, down and galloping “out of town”. 

So much fun for everyone! I hope you enjoy it and I will see. you in your inbox next Tuesday!


Miss Nina

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