I’ve got a couple of really fun things to tell you about!! I’ve got a new free gift for you right now:


It’s a printable PDF of 10 Ways you can engage with your child (using cotton balls) + a free download of My Freeze Dance song. You can print out the PDF and pop it up on your Fridge and have immediate access to some really fun ways to engage with your child. (And who doesn’t love a dance party to go along with it?!? )

Just CLICK HERE to go on over and get those. You’ll have to enter your first name and email address at the link, but that’s just for me to have you on my new list. Because…..there’s even more fun happening! Introducing…..



I have been hearing from you about how much your children love interacting with
me in live video – and I love that too – so we’re going to do it in a way that not
only can you see me, but I can see you! It’s gonna be so much fun!


Miss Nina’s Move & Groove Along is a live, weekly Online Sing-Along & membership Program!!  I am so so excited to finally be doing this.  And, yes – it’s a Membership Program. So here’s the full description of all that’s included:


  •  A weekly, live, online sing and move along with Miss Nina based around my Rap, Rock & Read curriculum – traditional music, Miss Nina original songs, and lots of movement activities.
  •  Private Facebook Group for members only where playback of each week’s video will live.
  •  Weekly email telling you about the theme of the week, with links to resources – crafts, stories and other activities – that you can do with your child to go deeper on our theme.
  •  And more to come!

We will meet live, online every Thursday for the first three weeks of each month, and we’ll take  the fourth week off – giving you time to catch up on with any of the sing-alongs you may have missed (they’ll all be recorded for you) or engage with the other activities I’ll be linking to.




  •  being RELIEVED FROM MOM GUILT while you child is engaged with high quality, interactive entertainment you can feel great about them watching and participating in the sing-along while you get something else done.
  •  knowing that your child will be developing their fine motor, gross motor, speech, language and pre-literacy skills during our sing-along.
  •  having additional curated activities that you can engage in, if you want to. (but you don’t HAVE to!)
  •  having plenty of video for them to watch ANYTIME because you’ll have all the recordings at your disposal.
  •  YOU having so many songs and activities that YOU can do WITH your child anytime and anywhere – developing your bond and making them feel loved. Which is EVERYTHING.
That’s what you’ll get with this program!
And we are offering membership NOW at a low, introductory rate of just $17 a month.  That’s less than it costs to come to ONE in person music class with me!  And the benefits and content are far more than this investment! Playing with your child – interacting, singing and dancing with them – is one of the most important things you can do. It has huge benefits:

It benefits YOUR CHILD:

By developing their fine motor, skills, their gross motor skills, their speech and language, their pre reading and early literacy skills, and helps their social and emotional development from playing with you.

It benefits YOU:
By giving you a whole toolbox of activities and songs that you can use in
your own playtime with your child when you don’t have videos and devices around.
because playtime together helps to develop your bond, helps to develop your relationship, and makes your child feel loved by you – which is the most important thing you can do. It is everything.


Our first official Move & Groove sing-Along will be on Thursday, September 27th. And we’ll be using an online platform where not only can you see me – but I can see and your kiddos so we can REALLY interact!

**At this point in time, there’s no longterm commitment. Join now, and you can terminate your membership at any time, (But please know, that if you decide to rejoin in the future, you’ll have to re-join at the new price point. The $17/month fee is introductory and won’t be offered after this initial launch.)

Ready to join us? CLICK HERE to sign up! Questions? Email the team: nina@mymissnina.com and we’ll get back to you with info within 24 hours.


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