Happy Tuesday!

Wow. Last week was amazing. The response to Mary’s Make-A-Wish video was incredible. So much love and kindness circling around the internet – in the comments here on the blog, on Facebook, in my inbox…. just amazing. Thank you all of your kindness. (If you missed it, you can read all about it and see it HERE).

And it was wonderful to get to connect with so many of you during the online craft & sing-alongs!! That was really really fun!

Those are still available to watch the replay of (but they will expire soon…). But did you here the news? I finally launched something I’ve been wanting to do for ages:

The Miss Nina Online PlaySchool!!!

For many years I’ve heard so many of you ask for DVDs, online lessons and more videos that will continue to help engage and educate your child/ren while allowing YOU a little freedom to get some chores done, give you a break, etc. So voila! I’ve created this online PlaySchool and the videos aren’t just songs. You’ll get weekly craft videos, sing-along videos, sensory play videos and story time videos! And then a supplies/shopping list at the end of each week for the following week. It’s gonna be so much fun!!

If you wanna join us, just head on over to this link and you’ll find all the details and links to get you signed up.


This song is my most favorite song that I’ve every written, I had the melody and vibe for two years before completing the lyrics. It’s from my album “Every Day’s Your Birthday”. In this week’s video we do the acoustic version of it – and on the album it’s a little more rock n roll. 🙂

This song is simply a super feel good song about Springtime and playing outside. It’ll make you want to dance and sing-along, but also go for a bike ride and lay in the grass at the park. 🙂

And by the way – THIS song is the one I’m hoping to get video footage from YOU of your kids playing to make another compilation video for the Official Music Video.  I know – the deadline WAS May 1st – but so much went on in the last 7 days that I lost track of sending reminders, etc. So let’s just extend the due date to this Friday, May 5th. Sound good?

If you want details about that please email me: Nina@mymissnina.com for more info.

So after that big intro – here it is: Sunshine Blue Skies


And if you made it to the bottom of this post – you get a prize! LOL! If you’d like to get a free download of the album version of Sunshine Blue Skies, just visit here.

Thanks for sharing in all of the fun!!

Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Tuesday!


Miss Nina